Be Serious About Reaching the Lost

Below is a word from Jesus given through The Pike Lake Transcripts. He wants everyone to spread the message that He, the Son of God, dearly loves all those who are His, and He asks you to simply believe in who He is and to surrender your life entirely into His loving hands, and He WILL save you. But, if you choose to reject Him all the way to your end, then He will have no choice but to let you go, for He does not force anyone to love Him.

Here is the word:

“Stubborn people don’t see and don’t hear. They do not see the signs or hear the warning cries of the prophets. My prophets spread the word. They do what I ask of them, but what good is it if no one listens.

Time passes and things seem good, quiet and peaceful. This will not last. This is to lull you into a rest. Lull you into a peaceful feeling where you are relaxed and unsuspecting. Satan is the king of liars, the king of deceit. Things have been set to occur since the beginning. As these things unfold, people will cry out for Me, and I will not answer them.

Tragedy will strike you soon, daughter of Babylon (America). You have stood too long disgracing My name. You will find yourself alone with help from almost no one. The evil see what is coming, yet my children do not, blinders put on them by satan. Bring to me your repentant hearts. Open your hearts and minds to the words and warnings of My prophets. It is time. Be ready for your life and nation to change. Your help to other nations will not be repaid to you. They will do nothing to help the people of your nation, since there will be no value to your money. Your civil servants will walk away and fend for themselves.

Christians must stick together and help one another. You will be provided for and taken care of. Until this day, reach out to those around you and spread the gospel message. Do not be fooled by this lull in activities of Satan. He has his plan also. He knows the weakness of heart of so many and how easily they will fall to him. He is a great imitation of good to achieve his goals, but no one knows the evil that will befall them once they give themselves to the deceiver.

Be serious now about reaching the lost. Do not just sit back and let time pass you by, because there is so little time left to act. Continue to warn all that you see that time is short, and they need to prepare their hearts to meat the Son of man.

When the hearts of the gentile are made pure, the bride will be swept away. She will see some chaos first but nothing like what will be after the bride is taken. Hold fast to My word. Fear is not of me. You are responsible for the preparedness of your hearts, no one else but you. Open My word, and remain in Me. When the flames surround you, you will be at peace. When the earth shakes underfoot, you will be at peace. When your ocean covers your coastlands, you will be at peace. When the sky turns black, you will be at peace. When violence surrounds you, you will be at peace. When you suffer and hunger, you will be at peace. When you cannot quench your thirst, you will be at peace. Lift your face to me in your fear, and it will lose its power over you.”

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So Many Aspects

Our Father assures us that it both serves a good purpose, and that the reason for it will one day be revealed. Yet even so, the one aspect of this fallen creation that still ranks number one on my hate-list is suffering, both physical and emotional. I don’t mean just my suffering but all suffering, especially the suffering of the innocent and helpless including animals. I’m sure I speak for many. Nothing breaks my heart and twists my guts faster than witnessing intense suffering, which is why I feel so uneasy about witnessing any of the judgments of Psalm 91.

So, considering how much I hate suffering, it makes perfect sense then that, for me, my most beloved aspect of our Lord and Savior is His mercy. The most intense, tear-filled, heartfelt worship to ever pour out of me has come time-and-again from gazing upon His beautiful, humble, mercy-filled heart. And yes, I am one of those folks who gets all choked up in whispered thanks whenever I witness genuine, selfless acts of merciful kindness, for I know very well exactly from Whom that mercy came. Deep inside the private dictionary of my heart, the connotation of the phrase, “to minister”, has always included the delivery of a huge portion of mercy.

There is another aspect of Jesus that so often leaves me in silent awe. And though I don’t hear it talked about all that much, being who I am (or perhaps I should say, “being who He made me”) I am realizing more and more how very important this aspect of Him is to me. In fact, it calls to me. The aspect to which I am referring is Jesus’ desire to share. And by “share” I mean His huge desire to share absolutely everything, including what it’s like to be Him. Think about it.

Because we are like clay vessels, specially designed to hold the water of His Spirit, this means that wherever we go, He is there with us, and so whatever He can do alone, we can also do together. How is this NOT Him intimately sharing the very experience of being Him? No wonder in Psalm 82 and John 10:34 He, Himself, referred to us as “gods”. Do we not see how truly intimate His invitation is? Honey, we were made for this!

Even now, we are functioning as designed though not yet at full capacity, for it is, in fact, our patient, merciful, kind Savior who offers up through us His patience, mercy and kindness, otherwise we, ourselves, would have none at all to offer. And one day, when He will at long last indwell us in full measure, that is when deep will finally meet Deep. I can almost feel His excitement about it.

Another aspect of Himself which He showed me He also desires to share with us is His uniqueness.

(Isaiah 46:9) I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is no one like Me.

Did not our Potter teach us that we are each uniquely molded by the very circumstances of our journey both on His wheel and in His furnace with no two pots alike, more unique than we can know? How blessed are we that the one-and-only Creator of all just happens to be a never-ending, intense, burning flame of Love who desires to mold each and every one of His children into a rare and precious one-and-only gem like Him?

And yet, in this life, I do find that there is also a certain loneliness inherent in being a one-and-only. I feel it within myself all the time, and it runs deep, causing perpetual dissatisfaction with shallowness. I long to know deeply and to share the depths of who I am. (Looks like God is sharing with me even His desire to share and be known.) I also feel this same loneliness coming from Him when I hear Him speak Isaiah 46:9 above. His loneliness tugs at my heart. Can you hear it? It is Deep calling unto deep. Can you see how by sharing all that He is, He will at last be deeply known? And for just such deep intimacy has He waited a very long time.

When you seek for yourself to know Jesus intimately, you will begin to see for yourself how His sharing list goes on and on. This is a big desire of His heart. Does He not share His creativity by the giving of gifts? He carried His cross. Does He not also ask us to carry ours as well? He will one day rule and reign. Is He not going share that responsibility too? He shares with His children even the experience of raising children. Our humble Savior even willingly shared the experience of death, itself, though He had sinned not.

And for several thousand years now, He has been patiently sharing with us a deep knowledge of good and evil through the rich experience of living in a fallen creation, subject both to His enemy and to death and …suffering. Yep. There it is. Oh well. It’s still top of my hate-list.

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A Message for the Willful

NOTE: The following message from God was delivered on January 9, 2019 to our sister Julie, at the “I am Calling You Now” blog. To read this message in its entirety on her blog, please click the link below. God is Love, but He is also Just, so not everything He says tickles the ears.

I speak a most dire warning to all the inhabitants of the earth. I speak to anyone who has NOT heeded My previous warnings – those whose eternal destiny is damnation. Listen to your Father! Listen to the One who gave you the breath of life! Your failure to respond and repent from your wicked and sinful ways will cost you eternity! You know not of that which you will face when the breath of life is taken from you and your soul leaves your body.

You who have ignored the continuous and countless ways I have desperately presented truth to you. You who continually and repeatedly choose the desires of your flesh over the food I offer for your spirit. You who act and live as if you can serve God and mammon with no accountability. The eyes of your soul feast on murder, anger, rage, fear and death; fornication, idolatry and lust of every kind fill your eyes, minds and your ears everyday. You do not even know the meaning of the word compromise. You entertain yourselves by feasting on blood and death. Therefore, I will give you over to your desires. I will not save you who do not want to be saved.

You give your allegiance and are in covenant with another by the willful sin you allow to perpetuate. Do you have any idea what you are doing? To give allegiance to any other god but Me is certain death. Eternal death. I will not protect you or keep you from the hour of trial coming imminently upon the earth when you feed from his table, the table of the enemy.

I am holy and I am just, and you walk with no intercessor, My Son Yahushua to plead your cause or to intercede on your behalf. Judgment is here and you will stand alone, naked in your sin, filthy and repulsive in the presence of the Great I AM, and you will already be judged by your words, deeds and actions and your refusal to live a life of holiness and obedience. Your witchcraft will not save you then. What witchcraft is this you ask, in your vanity and your pride? It is the vile and filthy things that fill your lives. You dine with devils. You invite darkness in at every turn and darkness will be your abode eternally if you do not repent. You have given the enemy permission to enter all aspects of your lives and he finds his dwelling place already within you.

I created My people and breathed My breath into you in order for you to glorify and reflect Me. Your agreements with satan and the permissions you have given him will turn your vessels from that which I desired to be used for My glory- vessels of honor, into that which satan will use to destroy you. Do you hear what I am saying? Because he cannot create and needs an army to inhabit to wage war on My righteous ones, you will be used as his instrument, instead of you being My instrument.

The moment in which he and his demons are plunged from My Kingdom and cast to this earth, he will be desperate for a physical place of habitation. Those who are not walking with Me will be those he then completely inhabits. Why do you think My warnings have been shouted so urgently now? Because that time is imminently upon you, and then satan will have his army, and literally, all of hell will be loosed on this planet. This world has never seen anything like this before- an unimaginable and purely evil army of darkness and death, countless in numbers, hunting down those they may devour.

Why would I warn and warn as I have, if I didn’t wish any would perish? But when that moment of fulfillment of My words are here, you do not want to be one that is not completely covered by the blood of My Son’s sacrifice, because then, it is too late, and your fate is sealed.

Are these words harsh for you? Or do you laugh them away as you have in the past? Do you suppose they are being penned by an insane writer who has lost all sense of rationality?

Do you have the courage to remain in your wickedness and find out if indeed these words speak truth? Mocking the messenger of these words is only mocking Me.

This may be the last time you hear these words.




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What Few Leaves Remain

I recently found myself with some materials ready for return to the library, and so, like always, I weighed the pros and cons of walking versus simply driving.

Yes, part of the route provides some decent, up-hill cardio. Shame to waste that. Yet, opting for that one hour’s exercise becomes instant regret whenever snowplows have covered the sidewalks with high, lumpy, crusty mounds, or whenever that sharp wind blows bitterly down the mountain through every gap and thread of too-thin-a-coat. Yet again, too-thick-a-coat leaves me soaked at the conclusion of that cardio climb. However, I can sometimes get away with peeling layers during the ascent on windless days. Hmm… 28 degrees outside. Decisions, decisions.

If only I too could count on the pay off of that sensation some refer to as runner’s high; that endorphin-rush consolation offered after prolonged exertion, then perhaps I wouldn’t bother working so hard to plot the path of least discomfort. Oh well. C’est la vie.

I looked out the window, and all seemed perfectly still. Perhaps a lighter jacket then? No. Better not chance it. But, I will skip the hat and gloves this time. That seems a fair bet. …Boy, was I wrong!

Unrelenting, icy blades of air blasted straight down the road right through every zipper and button hole. Ears stinging, hands in pockets, I lowered my head and whispered to Jesus who is always with me, “You are my strength.” Then, I marched forward at a surprisingly brisk pace against that stiff headwind the whole way up the mountain, yet still too cold to break a sweat. And when I turned that right angle onto a side street, that head wind followed after me. It seemed deliberate. It seemed personal. It made me angry.

Frustrated, I thought, “But, when I looked outside to gauge the weather, barely a breeze was evident. Even as I look around me, nothing much is moving. Why? Is the wind only targeting me?” Just then, Jesus’ Holy Spirit; that still, small, Voice of peace and wisdom from deep inside, showed me why in a flash.

He let me know that on this particular winter’s day, I was experiencing a parable of the times we are now entering. The whole world is falling into a kind of wintry darkness, as satan gradually applies more and greater pressure against mankind through every world system and power under his influence and control. Only those hard of heart and stiff necked can stand against this wind in their own strength, which is why, from a worldly perspective, they appear firmly planted and enviably successful. When observing them, these ones still visible in this scene, we see no evidence of the wind.

As for the rest, all those softhearted, lost ones who are the leaves through which we could have better gauged the wind, its cold blast has, or soon will prove to be too much for them, and they will all dry up and be blown away into gutters and piles, huddled, waiting, crying, made to feel like failures, their hearts also at risk of growing cold and ruthless.

Yet, there are still others who remain, those few, those loving few who rely on Jesus and no other for their strength, who never cease in doing good (2 Thessalonians 3:13), who pray that the light of love in them never go out. These are the Kingdom’s ambassadors, the beloved of the Lord. These, the Lord makes to stand out, like a lone leaf among the stiff, bare branches, miraculously still green in the face of winter’s unrelenting blast, a spectacle to behold. For, God would not hide His lamps under a basket, but place them on a stand where all can see His light (Matthew 5:15).

If you should find yourself among the faithless lost, made shriveled, dry and powerless, blown loose and tossed away by the world’s relentless, icy wind, please, never give up hope. Even though you may not yet believe, Jesus is still going to come for you, and nothing is going to stop Him. You’ll see.

…and to you, beloved; those few green leaves that remain, take heart. Keep hold your place in this race of endurance despite the growing wind, and let your heart-light shine ever on. For, you know and love the One called Faithful from whom your strength comes, and at the finish line, His face shall be your dawn.

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Passing the Test

Of all film genres, science fiction is my hands-down favorite, especially Star Trek. I can remember as a little boy sitting beside my dad on the couch, both of us with a glass of cold milk in one hand and toasty pretzel sticks in the other, watching our Star Fleet friends boldly go.

For me, science fiction’s appeal is in its ability to temporarily transport me out of the misery of this fallen-flesh life and into a place of pure imagination. The universe is a very vast and real place, ever before us in the night sky, and science fiction is my primo vehicle to quite literally endless worlds of possibility.

But while a source of wondrous adventure, this genre is yet one more medium through which the enemy of mankind manipulates, and we humans are notoriously poor at discerning appropriate teachers.

For example, through this fictitious genre, the devil would have everyone believe that, from the ever advancing sciences and technologies of man, “all things are possible”. Interesting. Isn’t that just what God said about Himself? (Matthew 19:26)

Near the end of the 2018 Sci-Fi film, At First Light, the beings of light, who had at last officially arrived, stated, “We’re here. It’ll get better now.” Please, do not even dare to believe that one for a second!

Can you not see how we are being ever so subtly primed? On and on it goes, barely noticeable, a tiny bit here, a tiny bit there in practically every movie.

Through all modern forms of entertainment, satan has been patiently and determinedly plying this kind of subtle witchcraft from the start, gradually indoctrinating the masses, nudging carefully timed new concepts into the mainstream (Darwinism, aliens, genetic planet seeding, etc., etc.), softening us to more easily accept his soon coming greatest deception, a deception fit for the modern, high-tech man, and many there are who have now been made ripe to fall for it.

Yes, in ancient times, satan did successfully deceive the multitudes by simply stirring up a great cloud of false deities to obscure the way to our one true Creator. But now, in his last, greatest assault, he has skillfully engineered a new god; the modern, seemingly big and powerful god of science and technology which boldly proclaims that all ancient gods of primitive man are merely superstition, including Jesus and His Father, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. Hmm… Were we not already warned that the world would turn away from Jesus in the end? (1 John 4:3, Matthew 24:10) What better way than to ever-so-slowly kill off God altogether.

Now is the time to remain awake and watchful that you are not lulled into this anti-Jesus trap. Remember what happened when God’s own people turned from Him and placed their faith instead in the might of Egypt? (Isaiah 31:1) Learn well this lesson from history so that when the time comes, you will not seek salvation from fallen angels of light posing as technologically advanced extraterrestrial beings promising a new golden age for the inhabitants of Earth. Do not choose technology as your savior with its pseudo promises of an immortal life in the flesh lived in an artificial approximation of Heaven.

Rather, keep your faith firmly planted in Jesus, the Son of Almighty God, in whom all power over Heaven and Earth has been given (Matthew 28:18). Seek none but Him for help while you wait patiently for the completion of this, our darkest test of faith. Above all, remember, in no way, shape or form (genetically or otherwise) should you ever allow the body that your Creator made for you to be altered, enhanced, modified, marked or implanted. For, such would be a clear sign, in no uncertain terms, that you have turned away from God and placed your faith instead in the might of the false god of science and technology.

God has said that without faith we cannot please Him (Hebrews 11:6). This final, soon coming, last great test of faith is a whopping doozy, and it is pass or fail forever this time (Revelation 14:11). Please, beloved, love God with all you’ve got by steeling yourself to pass this test!

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Removing the Veil

What follows is a recent word from Jesus, originally posted at the link below, which He has asked His people to share.

“My children, write My words for those with ears to hear. Many will listen to these words, but few will hear them. My daughter, study My word and hear what it says. Listen to My messengers and allow Me to show you the pieces of the puzzle. Many anointed servants are having the pieces of the puzzle revealed to them. When My bride begins to put these pieces together, she will begin to see a beautiful picture of her purpose in the here-and-now, for, yes, she will see that she will be lifted above the chaos. Some of the chaos has already begun, and My bride has been kept safe in the chamber of My heart.

There is a common theme in the prophecies that I have shared among My messengers. Things will fall like dominoes, one right after the other. These plagues, or as many might refer to as disasters or catastrophic events, will be occurring now in quicker and quicker succession. I have shared with this scribe many times that the destruction in your physical realm will begin on your coastlands and be coming from every angle, culminating in the center of your once great nation. Be aware of the great shaking and catastrophic events that are occurring around the world now, My children. The number of earthquakes in diverse places will continue to increase in size and magnitude. You will see and hear of meteorites and other things, some unexplainable, coming into view of the naked eye.

The reprieves between these events will be brief, My love, as the birthing event grows nearer, for I will birth My own, as they will be birthed into their new and incorruptible bodies. These will be hidden for a short time, but then they will be released as My harvest workers to gather in My remnant.

Satan’s army is vast, just as I explained to My scribe recently. The last Gentile has come in. Satan has received his last warring demon and this is his time to bring his war against My creation. This war has been raging in the heavens forever, but now comes time for this war to manifest in your earthly realm. My bride, you will not be left unprepared and though you operate in flesh bodies now, you will be instantly and supernaturally changed that you may be prepared to do battle against the serpent of darkness and his minions of evil.

It is not too late to turn an ear to Me now, My creation. It is not too late to open your heart and enter through the only narrow gate. Receive your salvation and receive My righteousness and you will be saved from much of what is to come. This is My appointed time. I will be calling up My undefeatable army, and these will no longer be subject to the darkness of sin that has covered your earth since man’s fall in the Garden. Just as I asked My disciples to stay awake in prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, I ask now all who have received Me, share My request with all that will hear. Remain awake and in prayer.

The veil that has kept My own from experiencing My light to its spiritual fullest will be torn, just as the veil had been rent when I gave up My Spirit upon the cross, for the veil that tore upon My death on the cross was a physical veil. The veil that will soon tear is a spiritual one.

Just as the physical veil was torn from the top to the bottom, this spiritual veil will be torn from the top to the bottom from My heavenlies down to your earth. Just as the veil represented the separation from the Most High between My Father and His creation on a physical level, the tearing of the spiritual veil represents the same on a spiritual level. Just as My Father’s Presence occupied the Ark in the Holy of Holies, the Holy Spirit occupies the hearts of My chosen in the earth, allowing for us to be one in your physical realm, for I have become the High Priest that you may come boldly to the throne of My Father.

The tearing of this spiritual veil marks a new beginning. A birth of My own from the physical into the spiritual; from flesh bodies into incorruptible bodies; a reconciliation of My creation to Myself not only in the spiritual to physical but now a true reconciliation where we will become one; your physical bodies will be cast aside and reborn into My glorified bounty. For, now is the time that My chosen will no longer be subject to this physical realm; no longer be subject to the limitations of physical bodies; and no longer subject to the curse, for the curse can only come over the cursed. The curse can only prevail in the physical.

When My own are changed, there remains no curse, and it has zero power against My own, for My connection with My creation has now been a spiritual to physical connection. We will now become connected as we were before the curse; a complete spiritual oneness. There will be no greater day.

Turn to Me now, My creation. Open your heart to your Creator. Delve into My word and I will show you My truth. Man can not teach what only My Holy Spirit can show you. Come from wherever you are, because nothing stands between us. I love you, My creation. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach”

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Important Word From Jesus, Himself

NOTE: The following message from Jesus, Himself, was delivered on February 25, 2018 to our sister Julie, keeper of the “I am Calling You Now” blog. To read this message in its entirety on her blog, please click the link below.

“Daughter, in My great mercy, I wish to offer understanding and insight and further instructions to My children. I speak directly now to those who are not My Bride, but are My invited guests. Please share My heart with them and express My great love for them.”

“There is coming an appointed time in which My first-fruits remnant, (those walking closest now with Me) will be completely transformed by My Spirit and then assist Me in many great exploits around the world, before I bring them home with Me and before My wrath pours out across this earth. This time is approaching quickly, therefore I want you who are lukewarm but are not born again, and you who will come to Me after this happens to understand that all will not be lost.”

“My Word teaches about a set apart group, My priests for this time, who were fore-ordained for just this season that I’m speaking about, and who I have cloistered and hidden from the world until I call them forth. This intimate group has been fed by Me, nourished and directly taught by Me, and walked in obedience and the full assurance of faith that is required to become over-comers. Some in this group have prepared for a life-time for the season you are now in, some for many years, but all are eager to serve and are awaiting My call in order that many may be saved as the judgments continue to fall. Know that you are indeed in the time of judgment and tribulation.”

“To you who are not infused by My Spirit and will find yourselves left to endure the great tribulation and the fulfillment of all that is spoken of in My Word, I wish for you to know that I love you as well with all My heart, and even in the midst of judgment, I am always faithful to you who call upon Me and you who will wake up and seek Me with all your hearts.”

“I am powerfully working in My Bride at this time, instructing them to leave tools of instruction for you, provisions as I lead, and…[READ MORE]

(John 10:4) “…and they (His sheep) follow Him (the Shepherd) because they know (recognize) His voice.

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Minced Oaths

On pages 180 to 184 of the free ebook, Ready For Rapture, By Susan Davis, I found three messages from Jesus. The first was given through Donna McDonald at a conference in August, 2014, and the other two were given in response to questions about the first.

In rather strong language, God is telling everyone to stop using His name in “expletives” which means “swear words that do not add to the meaning of a sentence”. He refers to this as “pollution of the mouth” and makes it very clear that such speech is unholy, mocking, disrespectful, ugly and sinful to Him, and that paying for movies, music or reading-material that contain such expletives is paying to have Him mocked. That is, after all, Satan’s purpose for lulling us into using such expletives, isn’t it? He just loves manipulating us, God’s own children, into doing his mocking for him. Doesn’t that just make you furious!

Below, I divided these expletives into three categories. The first two, most of us should already recognize, but the last category just might surprise you.

1. God has already told us not to engage in obscene, dirty, filthy, vulgar, coarse, crude, unwholesome speech. (Ephesians 5:4, Ephesians 4:29) Of course this entails more than just expletives. It involves curses, low humor, name calling and more.

2. Among the Ten Commandments given to us through Moses, number three tells us to honor God’s name by not misusing it. Most of us know this as not “taking His name in vain” which means “to use His name without [expectation of] success or results”. (Exodus 20:7, Deuteronomy 5:11)

3. It may surprise you to hear that God is also asking that we not use “minced oaths” which are a form of side-step swearing using euphemisms. These include gosh, golly, egad, good grief, good gravy, good golly Miss Molly, oh my gosh, oh my goodness, sheesh, gee, geez, gee wiz, jeez, jeepers, jeepers creepers, Jiminy Christmas, darn, dang, dog gone it, goll blam it, shucks, shoot, holy ____ (any word), freaken, what the hay, what the heck, what the dickens, etc. It’s not hard to see what these minced words really mean, right?

God knows every use of His name and desires that we revere it. When we say, “God bless you,” it is He who brings the blessing, but He does not want us using His name as a precursor to our curses (to damn anyone). And, when we use His name to address Him, He seriously listens to us, but when we use His name as an expletive, such as out of shock or frustration, we aren’t addressing Him at all, are we? Such expletives are spoken in vain, without any expectation of success or results.

Even countless atheists routinely use His name in this manner, or they use minced oaths that mean the same thing. Isn’t it obvious to see how Satan has so many of us habitually trained? (God has given His word that this sin will bring dire consequences, and He always keeps His every word. Please don’t take this lightly.)

Didn’t Superman’s alter ego, Clark Kent, cultivate his innocent, farm-boy persona through the seemingly innocuous use of minced-oath expletives? (“Gee, Lois… Golly, Mr. White…”) It’s not a stretch to consider that Satan used this fictitious, apple pie all-American, seemingly super-moral, superhero to bring minced oaths further into the mainstream knowing EXACTLY how God would feel about it.

In Hebrew, God is known by many names all of which contain the root, “El”, which is the word for God, meaning might, strength and power. (Immanuel, Elohim, El-shaddai, El-echad, El-ha-ne’eman, El-emet, El-tsaddik, El-elyon, El-olam, El-yeshurun, El-gibbor, El-de’ot, El-haggadol, El-hakkadosh, El-hashamayim, El-chaiyai, El-channun, El-Yisrael, El-sali, El-rachum, El-rachum, El-yeshuati, El-yeshuatenu, El-kanno, El-hannora)

Can you see how it’s no coincidence that superman’s name is Kal-El, his father’s name is Jor-El and his cousin’s name is Kara Zor-El, all from the house of “El”. It seems Satan can’t resist any opportunity to mock God, mock His name or attempt to replace Him with yet one more false god or idol.

Let us all allow our eyes to be opened as to how God’s enemy is manipulating us to sin, not only against each other, but against our one-and-only, true Father, the Head of the true House of El. Please let us all honor our Heavenly Papa by refraining from swearing, from using crass humor, from taking any name of the Lord in vain through expletives, and now also, from using any minced oaths.

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Reaching for the Mark

The phrase “That’s good enough” just isn’t good enough when it comes to true holiness. True holiness will have nothing to do with sin to any degree. Anything less just doesn’t make the grade and so falls short of the bulls eye. So what is real holiness?

Put simply, “holiness is grace, mercy and lovingkindness. And, sin is anything which stands against that.” God has told us that the fruits of His Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. (Galatians 5:22)  Any fruits contrary to these are encouraged by spirits of His enemy and are unholy.

For example, taking a quick glance at the concept of grace (overgenerous preferential treatment), we see that it embodies generosity, therefore, willingly choosing to be stingy, greedy, selfish or in any other way ungenerous is a sin (unholy).

Both the prophet Isaiah and John the disciple report having heard heavenly beings near the throne of God crying, “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord.” (Isaiah 6:3 & Revelation 4:8) In ancient Hebrew culture, repeating a phrase three times was a commonly understood practice of expressing intensity such as on a logarithmic scale. It’s like saying God is 1000 times holy. (He is a thousand times graceful, merciful, loving and kind.) God’s prophet, Habakkuk, also said of Him, “…You are pure and cannot stand the sight of evil. You cannot tolerate wrongdoing…” (Habakkuk 1:13) Those who reject Jesus and die without having allowed Him to take away their sin (Act 4:12) will personally experience just how holy, holy, holy God truly is and will taste for themselves just how much He loathes, loathes, loathes sin. (I am terrified for anyone who chooses that path. Please don’t reject Jesus.)

Jesus tells us through His disciple, Peter, “…But now you must be holy in everything you do, just as God who chose you is holy. For the Scriptures say, ‘You must be holy, because I am holy.’…” (1 Peter 1:15-16) Jesus also tells us through His disciple, Matthew, “…But you are to be perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect…” (Matthew 5:48) I personally take this to mean that we must be perfect in our holiness. We must be perfect in our grace, mercy and lovingkindness, and if we allow Him to, Jesus will get us there, for He is faithful. (2 Timothy 2:13 & 1 Thessalonians 5:24)

When Jesus walked this earth in the flesh, He lived a holy and prefect life, a sinless life. He was loving, kind, merciful and both naturally and supernaturally gracious (generous beyond measure). He abounded in all the fruits of the Spirit, but He was also one other thing. He was obedient, even unto death. Through His disciple, John, Jesus said, “If you love me, obey my commandments.” (John 14:15) “Those who accept my commandments and obey them are the ones who love me. (John 14:21) “All who love me will do what I say.” (John 14:23) So you see, acts of disobedience and rebellion are not lovingkindness and are therefore unholy, a sin. (From what I understand, Jesus obeyed not only God but everyone God placed in authority over Him including His mom.)

Jesus’ life on earth was given to us as our example to follow (1 Peter 2:21 & John 13:15). A “true follower” of Jesus is anyone whom the Holy Spirit is teaching to follow His ways, which means not just learning about them but living out His example every moment. (James 1:22) There is great wisdom in teaching our children to be followers of Jesus; to always ask themselves “What would Jesus do?” If we adults had only been trained to this habit as children, then we should still be constantly looking to Jesus as our example today. (Proverbs 22:6) For, we all, adults and children alike, are commanded to acknowledge God in all our ways (Proverbs 3:6), not just some of our ways, some of the time or until a certain age.

In your every action, reaction, situation and decision, do you choose Jesus’ way? Do you follow His “ways of holiness”; His “ways of grace, mercy and lovingkindness”? Do you even have a sense of that high mark to which the holy, holy, holy Son of God demonstrated and is calling us; that perfectly beautiful mark for which all our hearts should desperately hope and long to reach? Or, have you perhaps settled for your own less-than-perfect vision of holiness? Do not rest there on your own understanding, beloved. (Proverbs 3:5)

Most Christians have heard of The Beatitudes as recorded in the disciple Matthew’s account of Jesus life. (Matthew 5:3-11) But, have you noticed what comes after? Was not Jesus in fact showing everyone that their concept of holiness is much too low? Didn’t He in fact raise the bar?

In the Ten Commandments which God gave us through Moses, number six tells us not to commit murder, but in Matthew 5:21-26, Jesus shows us that murder means more than just physical killing. Who knew? Likewise, the seventh commandment tells us not to commit adultery, but again, in Matthew 5:27-30, Jesus raises the bar. And, so on it goes, all the way to the end of Matthew, chapter 7.

Is not God showing us that “reaching for the mark” means more than we think? The mark of true holiness is higher than our current understanding. If we truly long to be like our Heavenly Dad, to be His sons and daughters, then what can we do but ask His Holy Spirit; His “gracious, merciful Spirit of lovingkindness” to teach us; to reveal each step up on our path to His holy, holy, holiness.

Then, gradually, day-by-day, as we continue to acknowledge our Heavenly Dad in all our ways; as we joyfully (or not so joyfully) obey His commands; as we seek to know Him and His holy (gracious, merciful, loving, kind) ways through the words He has graciously given to us; and as we listen as best we can to His gentle, quiet, guiding voice inside us, let us wait with patient endurance and childlike trust while we, the clay, are carefully pounded and molded on the Master Potter’s wheel and then baked in His fiery furnace until we each are, at last, made a perfect, holy vessel lacking in no good thing and fit for His amazing purpose, for we have His promise that He will finish what He starts. (Philippians 1:6)

Oh, for us all to be holy, each one overflowing with grace, mercy and lovingkindness, exceedingly abundant in all the fruits of His Spirit! What a beautiful kingdom that will be!

Keep reaching for the mark, beloved.

One Step Up: A Growing Sensitivity

Here is a step up that God showed me on the path to perfect grace, mercy and lovingkindness. We all know that lying is a sin, right? But, did you know that there are five forms of lying? They are fabrication, denial, omission, exaggeration and minimization. Think about that for awhile.

As a child, because God’s laws were written on my heart (Romans 2:15) my conscience was sorely bothered by my first fabrications, denials and deliberate omissions. Had I simply ignored my conscience, I have no doubt that eventually it would have been seared and lying would have become easy for me. Instead, my heart told me that I should obey my conscience, so I resisted the temptation to lie. Then over time, an unexpected thing happened. My conscience became even more sensitive, and eventually omissions by silence, then exaggeration and, lastly, minimization began to feel the same as my first experiences with lying, which led me to realize that they must also be forms of lying. A little research confirmed this for me.

From this experience, I have come to believe that, if we would just strive to climb even one step up toward holiness, God will then reveal to us another step up.

Jesus said through His disciple, John, “…The devil has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a deceiver and the father of lies…” (John 8:44)

Jesus said through His prophet, Barbra, “…All of Satan’s words are lies, you don’t need to know his words. His lies just pop into your mind. This you can not prevent, but what you can do is not believe them, and do not speak them out loud…” (The Pike Lake Transcripts, December 4, 2012) It’s no wonder then that we need to ask for forgiveness daily. “No one is righteous–not even one.” (Romans 3:10) “For all have sinned…” (Romans 3:23)

Now to address a particular subtlety of one specific form of lying:

Negative, unrealistic statements containing such absolutes as “always” and “never” are exaggerations intended to manipulate opinions about someone’s character. (i.e. “You never…” or “He always…”) This particular form of manipulation is often employed by children and the childish. Sound familiar?

Jesus said through His prophet, Yolanda Ballard, “…When your motives stem from manipulation, you are dabbling in witchcraft…” (At The Father’s Feet, April 5, 2009) [paraphrased]

I suspect many people may not even realize that God sees an exaggeration (which is not meant jokingly) as a lie; a manipulation akin to witchcraft. How much more sensitive then does one’s conscience need to be to realize that using negative absolutes is also dabbling in witchcraft?

Let us carefully consider the wisdom of avoiding speaking out loud any sudden thoughts that negatively apply absolutes such as “always” and “never” to any of God’s children, for exercising such wisdom is yet another step toward holiness, bringing us that much closer to our Heavenly Papa who love us so very much.

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Helping My Old Man

Although this never happened, just imagine if it had. Imagine that when Jesus was a young man in the flesh He had been set upon by a group of thugs organized and paid by those same religious leaders who hated Him. Imagine that instead of simply killing Him, they had locked Him away in a dungeon, underfed, beaten, forced into slave labor for countless years until He was finally a weak, frail, shabby old man fraught with sores. Then one day, He was simply dumped into the street; left a grey-haired beggar barely able to lift His head.

Now, imagine that you happened by and saw Him lying there covered in dust, wearing only filthy rags and smelling of decay. He is holding out a shaky arm, begging for water and food as pleading tears run down from His weary eyes. And, suddenly, you know fully who it is you have come upon!

What would you do?

Would you run quickly and bring Him water? Would you pick up His emaciated body now light as a feather and say, “It’s okay now. I’ve got you, Lord”? Would you hold Him close to your heart despite the smell and cry tears over Him as you walked? Would you tenderly carry Him into your home and spoon feed Him from your own table? Would you bath Him and groom Him and give Him a soft place to rest? Would you stay faithfully by His side and hold His shaky hand? Would you caress His face and gently kiss over His tears of relief? Would you help Him with all you had? Would you treat Him better than your own grandpa or your old man?

Matthew 25:34-40

Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the creation of the world. For I was hungry, and you fed me. I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. I was a stranger, and you invited me into your home. I was naked, and you gave me clothing. I was sick, and you cared for me. I was in prison, and you visited me.’

Then these righteous ones will reply, ‘Lord, when did we ever see you hungry and feed you? Or thirsty and give you something to drink? Or a stranger and show you hospitality? Or naked and give you clothing? When did we ever see you sick or in prison and visit you?’

And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!’

Although we are incapable of ever fully grasping the depth of the love that beats for us within the heart of God, these precious words from Him do afford us an intimate glimpse as to its flavor.

So, whenever you feel the whisper of compassion blow into your good Samaritan’s heart for that neighbor in need placed by God before you, then just give. Give generously and without hesitation. Love your neighbor as yourself by simply giving of yourself; your touch, your time, your words, your focus fully in the moment. Give of all you have with all your heart despite the smell. Give as though you were giving to Jesus, Himself, because, my beloved … are!

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