Please Help Us — We Need Help

NOTE: If you are unfamiliar with who we are, please read our 51 Cats Story and Part 1 of our 51 Cats Journal.

First — A little update to our story and journal

In Part 2 of our Story I wrote that, with the large group of feral colony kittens now added to the mix, I was feeling like our situation had become unstable; like we were being slowly marched toward a cliff. Those words turned out to be all too true. As the colony kittens grew, things at home did became increasingly difficult, draining us financially, physically and emotionally. The recent respiratory viral outbreak turned out to be the final straw. It was torture. Now, with all the credit card and vet bill payments, there is more money going out than is coming in.

I also mentioned in Part 2 that our house was becoming overcrowded as the kittens grew. This also turned out to be more true than I first realized. Our house doesn’t even look like a home any more. Many of the cats are now exhibiting stress behaviors. I am trying Fellaway infusers, and it looks like the carpet is going to need replacing — somehow.

The spay vouchers, mentioned in Part 1 of our Journal, finally arrived. It took this long because the spay program took twice as long to process our applications, stating that they were struggling themselves. Then, they lost the applications, forcing us to reapply and start all over again. Now, we are finally able to have the girls fixed.

Right now things are very bad here in the Phoenix valley for homeless cats. Cat rescue groups are having a very hard time. Deep down I hoped to avoid the difficult issue of trying to find our cats homes here in the valley by keeping them as starter cats for our prototype, passive-solar, zero-energy sanctuary. But now it seems we are out of money and time.

I have asked God often why He keeps sending cats our way. He knows that deep down I want to always do what it right. But He also knows that it’s so difficult for me to say goodbye once a loving bonded has formed. Perhaps all this happened because God wants me to learn to face the pain and say goodbye to them all willingly, trusting Him to watch out for my little, furry, best friends. I do have faith, and I can and will say goodbye if that is what He is asking, but I always felt that these cats came to us for some significant purpose.

My Plea

Please let us know if you want one or more of our cats

Please, If you live in the Phoenix valley, and feel moved in your heart to provide a loving (indoor only) home to one or more of our cats (shown in Part 1 of our story and Part 1 of our journal), let us know. There are many loving people out there who will be able to provide for them a great life. (Please go to our Adoption Table.)

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3 Responses to Please Help Us — We Need Help

  1. Trish says:

    I’ve shared your plea on Facebook and encourage others to do so as well! As far as the adoption fee for your cats, maybe you could go with whatever MCACC is charging for adoptions or the Humane Society, or a little less? Your sanctuary project sounds extremely well-thought out, and I hope you are able to secure funding for it someday – do you know anyone that is proficient in grant-writing?

    • Rachel Berge says:

      Trish – how did you link this with your Facebook acct? I would like to do the same – I’ve got many rescue contacts on there 🙂

  2. DEB says:

    I sent an email to you, please respond back to the email. I have a contact number for you that can possibly help you, also there is an organization called healing hearts that might too be of help..but please respond back to the email i sent.
    i can help out in some situations, food, etc.

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