Journal Entry, July 13, 2012

I Had Another Dream

In this dream, I was walking down a grassy hill with several other like-spirited people. I found a small, tin can in the grass, picked it up and discovered that if I hit it anywhere on its side, I could play it like the most amazing, rich-sounding bongo drums. I began to create a deep, playful, lively jungle-sounding rhythm. It came out of me naturally and without effort or mistake, yet I had total creative freedom to explore this amazing instrument. I then began to skip and sway in step with this playful rhythm as did the others with me. Then, they all began to sing like an African choir, vocalizing without words. This was a joyous, lighthearted experience. I was having fun.

As we all continued down the hill toward the ocean, playing and dancing to this song full of life, I saw a group of dark-skinned men sitting tired on the beach. Laying around them were many small, tin cans like mine. I inviting them to join in, but they would not even look up. They seemed so despondent. Beyond them I saw many small mounds, each one containing something they had recently buried in the sand which appeared to have died from suffocation. (each mound had a breathing tube sticking out of it.) Beyond that the beach was littered with many small bits of garbage, rubble and wreckage. I didn’t know what I was looking at. I just kept on playing that song and feeling totally at peace.

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