Journal Entry, July 16, 2012

One Early Morning

As I wake up to soft stirrings of tender mercies in my heart, a far off, longtime-circling awareness suddenly alights. Wait. I recognize You. I know this flavor of Your touch. Oh Father! At long last I can see You. It’s not just that all good things come from You, but that You have always been the very goodness in them. You are that persuasive peace which whispers with the early morning light. You are that comforting security seen in the face of a sleeping child. You are that constant, gentle intimacy which I’ve for so long sought to regain — a loving Father, hovering, caressing. I see You. I love You. Please wrap me up once more like You did so long ago, and be the final answer to my mourning’s end. I want so badly to come home and live inside Your heart. I never want to leave You again.

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