Journal Entry, October 16, 2012


Today, I was talking to God about making assumptions. I asked Him why it is that I hate them so much. Assumptions are my bitter enemy. In my heart I feel that there is a serious danger in forming the habit of making them.

The word “gossip” came to me, and I was reminded of that dream I wrote about on the 12th of July. I thought about it and realized that the Holy Spirit had just revealed something to me…

I realized that the anger and frustration which resulted when lying gossip was spread about me in that dream, felt identical to the anger and frustration that results whenever untrue, negative assumptions are made about me. I feel angry at the evil choice to spread gossip. And I feel frustrated at the foolish choice to believe it (to “assume” it’s true). This led me to suspect that assumptions and gossip are, in fact, opposite ends of the very same pull-cord.

To “assume” simply means “to believe as fact that which has not been proven.”

God always requires the testimony of at least two witnesses before a statement, fact, charge or evidence can be established. Ignoring this divine precept would allow God’s enemy opportunity.

Credible scientists are extremely careful to obey this precept. Their method is to investigate, test and validate through thorough research, supporting mathematical equations and successful, repeatable experiments before accepting any theory or idea. Their ways are wisely disciplined. They first seek knowledge and then gather the witnesses of mathematical and experimental proof. (Knowledge is always required to determine the credibility of witnesses.)

When we form the foolish habit of believing our own wonderings and speculations without sufficient knowledge and the proof of credible witnesses, we make ourselves vulnerable to the cunning manipulations of the enemy. Do you think he would ever hesitate to exploit that vulnerability?

The devil knows our frustrations, fears and insecurities, and is highly adept at lightly invading our thoughts with his gossip to build doubt and suspicion without our even being aware of his presence.

A wise man remembers God’s precept and blocks the possibility of evil gossip by habitually gathering the proof of witnesses before taking any doubts and suspicions to heart. Whereas a fool believes the evil gossip¬†without proof, thereby corrupting his own heart, and causes the devil to succeed in his plans of dissension and strife.

Assumptions violate God’s “two or more witnesses” precept. Be wise. Never form the habit of making assumptions. Run from them! Or you will open a door to the enemy’s gossip.

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