I Need God, Not Religion

It’s funny, when I talk about God, people who don’t know me will automatically assume that I’m religious, which I’m not. I personally don’t believe in religion. Frankly, it gives me the creeps (no offense or disrespect intended to anyone). I only feel right about believing what God says about Himself; the same way that Abraham believed. I don’t trust the many different doctrines of men. And I don’t feel that I should have to pick one to blindly follow. I choose to follow God, not man. Man makes mistakes, God does not.

For me, faith has nothing to do with religion anyway. It’s about learning (thru boldly testing and then experiencing) that God is real, means absolutely every word He says and keeps every promise He makes, 100%. I love that He invites us to test Him by His word. How else are we to come to know and love that the God of Abraham is a God of His word?

It follows then that I also believe that Jesus is the son of God, because, of the hundreds of prophecies regarding the Messiah, which God spoke directly to us thru His prophets, Jesus fulfilled every last one. That’s more than enough proof for me.

I believe that faith grows by getting to know our Creator intimately, in the same way that we develop faith through a relationship with someone by experiencing the consistency of their character. To me, faith is a simple consequence of relationship, not religion.

I also believe that spiritual truth need not sound religious. Therefore, whenever I read other people’s writing, I do my best to politely and respectfully ignore any “flavors of religiosity” which I might encounter and instead listen carefully to hear God’s wisdom spoken through them. I believe that God can speak to us through anyone at anytime. Since I want His truth, I will humbly listen with open ears and trust God’s Spirit to guide me. All truth belongs to Him anyway, lest we should boast.

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