The Good Stuff

  • Is the bible true?
  • Does God really exist?
  • If so, what does He want from me?
  • I am hurting! Does God still love me even after everything I’ve done?
  • I’m terrified of death.
  • What happens after I die?
  • How do I really know for sure that I’m saved?

Isn’t it true that at some point in our lives when we’ve felt the most hopeless and alone in our suffering, nearly every one of us has come face-to-face with these questions? So what then? I’ve discovered that it takes some serious intestinal fortitude or desperation to willingly stare into that disturbing abyss. It’s easier by far to simply close our eyes and avoid these scary questions by wasting a lifetime escaping into the world’s many offered distractions — anything to feel better. That’s the Devil’s plan.

Yet, even for those with the courage to look for answers out of a sincere desire for the truth, many often wander aimlessly, encountering only more confusion and uncertainty, ultimately unable to escape their nagging doubts. They desperately hope, even unknowingly pray, for something — anything — that will truly help them — something other than those trite, fast-food-phrases routinely served up by organized, luke-warm religion. They long for something with real flavor and substance — the good stuff. Yet, they do not know to simply cry out to the tender, loving God they hope exists. He is just begging for the humbled, sincere-hearted to test His faithfulness. He loves you more than anyone can comprehend, and though He’ll never force us to love Him back, it breaks His heart when we reject Him.

Late last August, 2012, after I finished writing my testimony, I felt as though God was instructing me to pull my head out of the sand and take a long, hard look at the world, not just today, but for the past 6000 years. It was time for me to be schooled. And so began my Internet quest. For the next eight weeks I became a YouTube documentary junkie, among other things, as God’s Spirit guided me to what He wanted me to see.

During this spiritual-education period, God also brought me to some very powerful information which could really help those who are struggling with fear, doubt or confusion.

As God shows me more, I’ll post it here. I pray that this helps you on your way. God bless you.

Father’s Love Letter

The Father’s Love Letter is a beautiful, intimate message from God specifically for you. Whenever I watch this video, I cry and cry. It is a good starting point for those who’s heart does not yet know God. Every word in this video is absolutely true.

If you have difficulty playing this video on, then I have included two optional YouTube versions below. The extended version is simply more slower paced than the original version and shows solitary scenes rather than people.

Our Daddy’s Gentle Voice

Though the devil has worked hard for many centuries to convince the world at large that God is either proud, aloof, cruel, apathetic or impotent, God is in actuality a good Daddy to His children in the best of every sense of the word. Though we may not understand His thoughts, ways, reasons or purposes, He always is, always was and always will be so very holy, which for us is so comforting because it means that He will never allow Himself to consider doing wrong, not even for a second. He is full-on perfect love without end, 100% dedicated to all His creation, especially to each and every child He makes, which includes you. To Him, you are priceless.

Yes, He burns with a fiery rage against any unholiness, yet for our sake He is so patient and kind, so soft-spoken and gentle, so long-suffering. He will never quit on you. Yes, He is so huge and almighty that it boggles the mind, yet He humbles Himself for us, like a daddy getting down on His knees, because He wants so badly to be close to His precious children. Though He suffers countless disappointments from our endless wicked words and deeds, He still, and always will, want what is best for each of us.

See if you can hear His gentle, patient, loving voice in these…

The King’s Proposal

Once you have been introduced to the Father through the Father’s Love Letter (see above), then it’s time to be introduced to the Son. This is a beautiful, intimate and powerful message from Jesus specifically for you. He is so much more than the world knows. He is the one-and-only, true Superhero! He is YOUR SAVIOR! He IS LOVE!

I am a WORM

As you watch this amazing video, keep in mind that God created this particular worm, as well as the Hebrew word for it, long before Jesus was ever born in the flesh.

The Good News – The Saving Message of Jesus

The word “Gospel” means “Good News.” It is the message that Jesus longs for everyone to know. It is the saving message that He wants everyone to share with everyone. Here is my version of that message. I hope and pray that it blesses you.

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God…” (Romans 3:23)

No one living on Earth is without sin. This was deliberate, for our sake, so that none of us could boast in ourselves, but would realize our need for, and dependence on, God, our infinitely loving Father, from whom freely comes every good thing, including all truth. He is a good Daddy to His children. He is the one-and-only God, there is no other, and everything is exactly as He says it is. (Satan forever lies to us about all of this. Please beware!)

“For God so loved the world (including and especially you) that He gave His only begotten Son, Jesus that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16)

This was God’s hidden plan from the very beginning. He is not a cruel God, but a deeply loving God. He did not create us in this sinful flesh and then place us here under the constant influence of His Enemy only to doom us to destruction. Knowing that all men needed to be saved, God requested that His one-and-only son give up His power, be born on Earth and live as a mere man of flesh, yet without sinning. He requested that His son should suffer horribly and die a hard death on the cross, taking all our sins onto Himself in fulfillment of the contract between God and the devil. No man could do it, So Jesus HAD to come as a man. Jesus willingly paid with His life to save us all. For there is no greater love than to willingly give up your life for another. (Can you love Jesus enough to humbly, willingly, completely give up your life to Him so that He may use it in some wondrous, loving, miraculous way?)

“…Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners…” (1 Timothy 1:15)

In incredibly humble, deeply loving obedience to His Father, and for the joy placed before Him, Jesus willingly took on the tremendous burden of our sins and gave up His very life to pay for them. He became the prefect, sinless sacrifice; the spotless sacrificial lamb who’s blood was spilled. This blood became the ink that signed the contract for our redemption (buying us back) from that legalist, Satan. For, Jesus loves us all so very dearly, and we who genuinely love Him back — are His joy. (In tears, I thank You, Lord, for loving me and for the privilege of loving You.)

But, it does not end there! Even though we can not see with our physical eyes, Jesus’ Spirit is with us always and wants to work with us constantly. He literally wants to be our one-and-only Teacher, Counselor, Comforter, Doctor, Therapist, Healer, Purifier, Refiner, Trainer, Leader, Commander, Lord and King, and even a Father, Husband and Best Friend to us all. He is the giver of all good gifts and a willing servant to His children. He very badly wants us to surrender literally everything we have and are, inside and out, the good, the bad and the ugly, to Him, thus freeing Him to break the legal rights that Satan CONSTANTLY holds over us and set us free. He will unlock our chains. He will crush our addictions. He will carry our burdens. He will do all, if we would only just believe Him and “LET” Him. He is a gentleman and will never force.

“…Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved…” (Acts 16:31) “There is salvation in no one else! God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12)

Without faith we can not please God. we must carry in our heart-of-hearts the certain knowledge that Jesus is, in fact, our Creator and the only one granted authority by God to save us. Knowing this, Satan works overtime to prevent faith. Let that important fact make you determined against him. Satan wants us to believe his many lies or to believe in only what we can perceive with our senses, this physical world. But, we are not from this world. We are spirit. We were also given a heart by God. We can not prove it, yet we feel it, don’t we? Learn to listen carefully to what Jesus’ gentle Spirit in your heart is telling you. He will diligently announce the sin you carry and the presence of evil spirits pushing wrong thoughts into your mind. Within yourself, learn to recognize all the flavors of fear, shame, pride, doubt, selfishness, greed, vanity, insignificance, insecurity etc. and ask Jesus to help you with every little thing in your life. Completely surrender to Him by falling back into His hands in total trust, for He is mighty to save you and lead you on the right path out of Satan’s corruption and into righteousness (doing what is right) and holiness (keeping far away from sin). He loves you so very much. No matter what you may have done, you are His precious child, and He will never, ever give up on you — Never!

God has defined for us what is sin…

God has also defined for us how to live like His Son…

I hope and pray that all this helps to start you on your journey back to the loving God who created you. Always remember, you are dearly loved.

Here is a short but powerfully inspiring video that lays it out pretty well.

The Discoveries of Amateur Archeologist Ron Wyatt

This video is amazing. The chemical and geological evidence is totally compelling. It proves God’s miracles written about in ancient scripture. I find it very interesting that, although this evidence was presented before the turn of the century, most people STILL don’t know about it. I only just learned about it myself.

Here are three important scientific facts to remember while watching this video. (1) 98.4% pure, monoclinic sulfur NEVER occurs in nature. (2) The energy required to melt the top of an entire granite mountain is ENORMOUS. (3) Weathered granite fractures from the top down, NOT from the bottom up.

There is also a HUGE surprise halfway through this video. The DNA analysis is mind-blowing. I don’t think anyone could have ever seen this one coming. It’s going to shock the world.

The following two videos cover some of this archeological evidence in much greater detail.

Is Genesis History?

The undeniable, world-wide, geological evidence of the great flood of Noah’s day has been staring mankind in the face all along. It’s everywhere! Yet, only now are we beginning to understand what we have become so used to seeing.

Not only was there a great flood, but while the whole Earth was still under water, there was also a sudden, rapid, violent, break-up and separation of land mass into the seven continents we recognize today.

Below is a link to the first, introductory documentary by the Genesis History Movie project where various scientists show us how to recognize this evidence for ourselves. The second link takes you to even more documentary segments.

The Star of Bethlehem

Ever wonder what it was that appeared in the night sky which led the three wise men to Bethlehem bearing gifts? Watch the video below, and follow Rick Larson on his passionate journey to solve this ancient mystery by applying the clues found in scripture to modern-day astronomy software. See for yourself the beautiful poem that God wrote in the heavens proclaiming the life of His son.

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb Letters

Words dictated by God to Susan Davis during a 40-day fast recorded between January 27, 2012 through March 6, 2012.

These letters are God speaking directly to the whole world, just like He used to speak through His prophets of old. In these letters, God expresses how He feels about us, tells us that He is coming very soon, and lets us know exactly what He wants from us.

Even if you are skeptical, please read this document anyway, just out of curiosity if nothing else. What can it hurt. Take a look at the testimonials. I have found nothing contradictory in these letters. They fit exactly with what God has been teaching me. It sounds like God’s voice to me. Some of it is quite beautiful and touching.

Susan Davis:

Susan Davis is the author of the “Marriage Supper Of The Lamb” letters and most of the “I Am Coming” letters (see below). Read her testimony and get to know this ordinary, modern-day “secretary to God.” Compare her own personal communication-style to that of her divine dictations. Notice anything?

The I Am Coming Letters

End-time letters dictated by God to Susan Davis, Sabrina De Muynck and others.

The letters dictated from September, 2010 thru March 31, 2012 have been combined into a six-volume ebook series. Then, the letters dictated from May 3, 2012 thru January 14, 2013 were placed into two separate ebooks titled, “Rapture or Tribulation” and “Left Behind After The Rapture.” The letters dictated from January 12, 2013 thru June 23, 2013 have been combined into the book, “Bride of Christ – Prepare Now!” The letters dictated from July, 2013 thru September 24, 2013 have been combined into the book, “Ready For Rapture”.

Again, even if you are experiencing doubts, please don’t let that stop you. Why not listen to what others are saying by examining the different testimonials in each of the six older volumes? Ask God to block out every other voice but His. Then, read His words and see what happens. Don’t be afraid.

The Honey Bee Books

Words dictated by God to Deborah Melissa Möller beginning April 22, 2011 and recorded as four small books. These books are strikingly similar in style and speech to the letters dictated to Susan Davis and Sabrina De Muynck (see above), as if all three of these women were in fact dictating for the very same being. See for yourself…

The Final Call

This first book is about the preparation for the King’s return and to warn those who did not know. This is a gift for the Bride. It is for those who love Jesus, for those who are seeking the Truth, who called out ‘Lord, tell us more, only the truth Lord.’

The Exodus

This second book reveals how the Lord is calling His children out of Egypt (the world) to prepare them for the Promised Land (the coming Millennium).

My son David

In this third book, the Lord speaks about the heart of the overcomers and obedient ones that will rule and reign with Christ in the coming Millennium.

True Maturity

This fourth book is about being in a childlike walk with the Lord, with a pure heart, just in simple obedience as a child to a father, with father-child love.

The Sparrow’s Dreams

The Sparrow’s Dreams are an amazing, elaborate, highly-detailed series of dreams and visions that join together like an epic TV-mini-series. In these dreams, Jesus shows us heaven. God, Himself reveals many secrets kept hidden until now, and many clues, patterns and signs are given to us to help us know the season of Jesus’ coming.

If you feel a pulling in your heart to draw ever closer in love to Jesus (your Creator) and know more about heaven, then these dreams are a must read!

NOTE: You can still read the latest series of dreams at the website above, but to read the many earlier dreams, you now need to become a member of the forum on that site, or you can wait until the dreams are published.

The Steno Pool

In addition to Susan, Sabrina and Deborah (listed above), here are some other kingdom-secretaries I have found who dictate for God:

Near Death Experience Videos

These particular videos stood out to me as especially revealing and sincere. Just look into the eyes of these guys and listen to their words and tone. Do you notice any evidence of ulterior motives such as self-promotion, pride, glory-seeking, looking for attention, attempting to conform, desperation for something to believe in, etc.? I didn’t.

Ian McCormack

Ian McCormack was stung several times by box jelly fish. It only takes one to kill a man. (I mentioned him in my testimony.)

Mickey Robinson

Mickey Robinson was burned in a plane crash. Afterward, he suffered massive infections and ulcers. The doctors could do nothing to help him.

Howard Storm

As Howard Storm lay dying of a perforated duodenum, he was certain and terrified of his impending nonexistence. He is not terrified of dying anymore. In fact, he didn’t want to come back. It seems no one ever does. In this video you will see just how tender and gentle Jesus is. (For a more detailed account of his experience, see Howard Storm’s book, “My Descent Into Death: A Second Chance at Life“.)

Dale Black

Dale Black was the only survivor aboard a twin-engine plane that crashed into the dome of the “Portal of the Folded Wings”, a seven story Air Mausoleum which was ironically a shrine to Aviation.

The Sober Truth Through the Eyes of Paul Washer

These are wake-up videos which expose the errors of modern, luke-warm Christianity. Paul Washer is a passionate speaker with a deep love for His Creator and for the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it may be.

The modern, Christian religions of wealthy, industrialized nations are now a snare where the definition of “the church” has become distorted to mean a specific building and a comfortable, predicable form of compartmentalized, lukewarm worship — rather than a group of people called to live more and more like Christ every single day.

Christ’s precious bride is now widely dispersed in a vast sea of sleeping sheep and “Sunday goats.” Yet, it is this beautiful bride; this remnant; these few obedient souls who belong to Christ that are being led by His Spirit on the narrow path. They are the one’s who passionately obey God moment by moment because they truly love Him.

Joseph Smith Search for the Truth Video

This video examines the claims, teachings and character of Joseph smith, founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS).

I knew almost nothing about Mormonism when I first began my foray into the many documentaries on the subject. When I encountered this particular documentary I was greatly impressed.

It struck me as the most thorough yet gentle I’d seen, with powerfully supportive biblical references. It seemed to have been created out of a genuine loving concern for LDS followers and with a sincere desire to open their eyes to the truth.

From the website above you can also watch the entire DVD online, chapter by chapter. Or if you prefer, you can purchase the DVD and/or the book upon which the DVD is based.

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