The True Flavor of Salt

The fragrance of God is not the smell of brand new carpet, polished wooden pews and musty hymnals. It is the scent of moist earth and honey, and of roses in the rain. It is a fragrance never stagnant, but full of life. It is not of men, but of Him.

A view of God does not come just through the colors of stained glass, but by gazing deeply into His starry expanse from high atop His mighty mountains, and then marveling at the ephemeral craftsmanship of one solitary, silent snowflake. And finally from seeing that all these amazing things combined can not even hold a candle to a single, tender act of merciful kindness. For it is in His very image that we are made. Don’t you see?

Loving God is not depositing bills in a collection plate. It is picking up your neighbor when he is lying in the dust and speaking encouraging words of life into his soul. Love does not turn its back, but bends its back. Love is – a burden carried in a world fallen. This is the flavor of salt.

God never turns out to be who we choose to believe He is. But rather, He is as He gradually reveals Himself to be. It is He, Himself, who shows us, in His own time, in His own way, through His own words and through His own creation. The “who” of God is not something that man can just decide. This view is something for which we must humbly ask, patiently and passionately seek, and to which we must be lovingly guided.

God’s richness is greater that mankind’s imagination can contain. And it is His privilege and great joy to gradually reveal Himself to His seeking children now and throughout eternity.

We need not fear the things of God which we can not yet see and do not yet know. For He promises that, once we taste Him, we will be blown away. The true flavor of God — is very good, indeed.

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