Journal Entry, April 6, 2013

I had a strange dream this morning…

I was standing in an empty, old, wooden barn on a small, barren farm. The landscape was bleak, cast in a dull-gray light, like just before a rain storm. The farm was surrounded by new, rolling, barbed wire, like a circle of gray brambles. (I wondered at its purpose. Why would anyone go to so much effort to encompass such a barren place?)

I was standing with someone in the barn, but I can’t describe him because I never turned to looked at him.

About six or eight people came into the barn. They looked like Koreans. They were dressed like military. They were boasting that we were now their prisoners, but they were really more intent on showing off in front of him, my companion. (I wondered if perhaps it was they who had deployed the barbed wire. All that work and material just to keep two people prisoner? No, that seemed silly.)

The people were displaying their might to him. Their might was a tank containing pressurized air, like a SCUBA tank. It was a very heavy, very rusty, thick-iron tank about eight feet long, four feet in diameter, laying on its side with a plug in the end. The people boasted that they would now use it to destroy us.

One man took a sledgehammer and struck the plug, popping it like a cork. The tank then began to fly wildly around inside the barn, just like when a party balloon is filled with air and then let loose.

The people looked shocked. They all suddenly jumped onto the tank, determined to control it. But, their efforts were in vain. Yet, they would not let go. The tank flew out of the barn. I could here a lot of crashing and banging, then finally silence.

My companion and I ran out of the barn toward the tank. The people were still holding on to it and each other. The barbed wire had entangled them. They were bloody and badly broken. Two were dead. I was horrified. Then, I awoke.

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