Journal Entry, June 17, 2013

I had a dream this morning.

For several weeks now I have been experiencing a strange sleep problem where I can not fall to sleep for hours, and when I finally do, I become stuck in a semi-lucid dream-state where I am half-aware that I am either talking or praying, or reading strange words aloud in a repeating cycle, like a kind of low-grade torment. This has left me incredibly tired and shaky and easily mentally confused. During this time I keep losing weight. But, I am not concerned because I keep handing to Jesus everything, including my mind, my body, my sleep and my dreams, and I trust Him.

Early this morning I finally had a mostly-normal dream. I am still struggling mentally with my awareness and memory, and can not seem to retain much detail for very long.

In this dream, several Star Trek figures came under attack by an enemy weapon. Among those struck down were William Shatner who played Captain Kirk (He was standing by a lake) and Leonard Nimoy who plays Mr. Spock (he was standing by a stagnant river). There were others struck down, but I did not recognize them. Each one happened to be near a body of water. Once struck down, they were left there by the enemy to die. But, in each instance, someone pulled their bodies into the water, leaving them floating there to slowly heal while unconscious.

At the end of the healing process, I and someone who looked Vulcan came to collect Mr. Spock in the river. Prior to losing consciousness, Spock had applied a healing patch to the back of his right hand. The Vulcan with me thought this was silly, a human remedy. But, when he removed that patch, he noticed that it had worked. Leonard, in faith, had done the right thing.

Leonard then regained consciousness. He was weak and shaky and began to speak. I can’t remember what he said, but the pain in his voice spoke of sorrow and weariness and vulnerability because of his feeble, aged body and lack of strength. He had no choice but to trust us and surrender himself into our hands.

As I slowly pulled him through the water, I reach down and lifted him up, gently supporting him as I held him close. A great compassion filled my heart and I tenderly spoke the words, “I will carry thee.”

I woke up and cried and prayed for Leonard Nimoy.

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