Journal Entry, June 24, 2013

This morning I dreamed that I was in the house that I am in now and either someone here said, or the understanding simply came to me, “They are coming for you.”

I walked over to the large dining room window and looked out, but what I saw outside was the long gravel road on the ranch of my childhood. Slowly proceeding up the gravel lane toward the house was what looked like an dark olive-green military jeep and truck with a red logo of some kind on the door.

They were traveling slowly and I knew in my spirit that this was to give me time to prepare. I thought about gathering onto my bed all the library books that I had checked out for my mom and grandmother. That way, they could easily find them and return them, which would allow me to keep my word to the library. I couldn’t think of much else to do except change my clothes and put on my shoes. I felt peace.

Then I woke up…

Excerpt from page 30 of Deborah Melissa Moller’s book, The Final Call:

“I speak to you in night visions. I want to interact with you and want you to take notes. Write down, My child, everything I give you in a dream and then pray to Me and ask for the interpretation. You will be amazed at how I show you awesome happenings. Take seriously what I show you in the night and write it down, for you will not understand it immediately, but as time goes by it will happen and you will be amazed.”

“Do you want to hear Me speak? I speak in dreams also. Do not despise them, because dreams are from Me. Ask Me for the interpretation and I will teach you great things. Above all, focus on Me. Don’t make an idol of dreams.”

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