The Last Petition

(His Gentle Voice, 09/11/2013 prophecy) “Much is in the balances, including your families. Satan has requested many of them and I ask you to counter him in My Court.”

As the Lord, Himself has declared, “much” is in the balances. We see our families included in that statement, but they are not all that hangs in the balances. There are many other souls hanging there too. Satan’s time is short, and he knows it. He is stepping up His game. Is it time for the bride to step up hers?

In obedience to our Bridegroom, and out of concern for our loved ones, we each petition individually for our family members. But, what then can we do collectively, as one body in further obedience to our Lord? How can we fill the highest courtroom of heaven with the sound of our one-voice; a humble yet bold song pleasing to the Judge, sung with as much passion and power as we are given to sing it! Isn’t it high time that we pulled out all the stops and put a huge smile on the face of our Bridegroom as we execute His last request before this last great harvest with every ounce of our faith? For, much hangs in the balances!

I have never constructed a petition before, but I tried my hand at writing one anyway. If anyone feels guided by the Spirit to improve on it, please do it now.

Let’s call it the “Matthew 22:39 — Second Greatest Commandment” petition. “Love your neighbor as yourself.” For, after the last great harvest is in, and the door is shut, those left behind (the lost and those foolish bridesmaids) will experience torment and terror never before known on Earth, and if they should die before coming to faith without the aid of the Holy Spirit, then they will perish into even greater torment for eternity. What if that were us? What if we are the ones who Satan is petitioning to kill and take to hell before being allowed the fullness of our last two opportunities for salvation; harvest or Tribulation?

As the bride, should we not be about our Bridegroom’s business? What does our Bridegroom desire? Isn’t it that not one of His precious, dearly-loved children should perish? There will never be a time like this again! This is it! This is our time to be bold before the Judge and ask BIG!!!

Let us take this petition (with improvements as the Spirit wills) and cry out with all our hearts, with every ounce of hope and trust and love. And let us fully believe that we, as one-body WILL receive it!

Father, we come to you earnestly in spirit and in truth to present our petition. But first, we repent of all our sins, including those previously unacknowledged because of our ignorance. For, we fully and humbly acknowledge that we are but little children fighting imperfectly against our sinful nature. We ask that You would please forgive us and wash us clean with the blood of your precious Son, Yahushua (which means “God saves”). Please grant us a pure heart, and make us white as snow; holy, righteous and blameless in Your eyes. We also declare before You, oh holy God, that we forgive absolutely everyone, including those on who’s behalf we are about to petition. Like Your beloved Stephen, we ask that no sinful act committed against us be held against them in Your courts, lest it adversely affect their chance for eternal life. Next, we humbly ask for the faith to fully believe, eliminating any and all lingering doubts in You, in Your word of truth and in ourselves. (Hebrews 11:6) For, You keep Your every word, and all Your love, promises and miracles apply to each of us as much as anyone. We also ask to be generously granted the wisdom to make our petition successful, knowing that You WILL give it as You have promised. (James 1:5-8 )

Your Honor, as Your precious children, citizens of Your kingdom, bought with a high price by your Son, our Bridegroom, we by legal right boldly approach Your throne of Grace, the highest court in all of heaven, and in accordance with Your will, submit our petition as instructed by Your Son. May our sincere efforts please You greatly, Your Honor.

We petition You now, on behalf of every one of Your children living on the Earth who are or will be at risk of eternal death; whether lost, strayed, disobedient or luke-warm, such that they could be among the following: (1) any and all who would be saved, if allowed to live until they are shown the true condition of their soul and Your great mercy and unconditional love during the last great harvest period, though they may delay even unto the very gates of hell, and (2) any and all who, if allowed to live, would at some point during the Great Tribulation period in faith be willing to sacrifice their lives in loyalty to Your Son. You know intimately the name and life of every one of these souls for whom we petition.

We now boldly ask to stand in the gap for all of these, whether they be our own family members, our friends, people about whom we know or complete strangers. For, they are all your children and precious to You, to Your Son and to us, His bride.

We willingly take responsibility for all their sins and repent on their behalf. We ask that You please forgive them and humbly beg that You give all their lives over to Your Son and give NOT ONE to His enemy. And furthermore, we boldly ask that You no longer entertain ANY of Satan’s petitions to end the lives of any of these souls prior to their salvation.

We come forward with this bold petition, knowing that with You all things are possible (Matthew 19:26) and that You can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine. (Ephesians 3:20) Therefore, we know that what we ask is a very, very, very simple thing for You to accomplish.

We beseech You to spare all their lives in consideration of their future repentance and faith unto salvation. We ask that You pour out Your greatest act of grace now in preparation for, and as a prelude to, Your greatest act of mercy — the last great harvest.

Let all those for whom we petition one day declare, “While we were still deaf and disobedient, while we yet sided with Your enemy in blind rebellion, You, our God, heard us speak these future words, ‘Oh Lord, You have judged our case and redeemed our very lives.’ (Lamentations 3:58 ) You considered the petition of those who stood in the gap for us, the very ones we disregarded, and You granted their petition of repentance and blotted out our transgressions for Your namesake. (Isaiah 43:25) How glorious is the love of our God! How mighty is the name of the Holy One of Israel!”

Thank You, Father for hearing and granting our petition. For, whatever thing we ask when we pray, believing that we have received it, then we WILL have it. (Mark 11:24) And, we as the bride have asked.

In the name of your Son, Yahushua, Jesus Christ of Nazareth we pray this petition — Amen.

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