The Parable Of The “I” And The “Y”

One day, as Man was peacefully walking with God, the Lord asked him, “Have you ever noticed how both the letter ‘I’ and the letter ‘Y’ at times sound exactly the same, while all other vowels are unique?” “Yes, actually. I have.” replied Man. “Do you know why that is?” asked the Lord. “No. Not really, Father.” “It is because the ‘Y’ originally came from the ‘I’. You see, at one time there was no ‘Y’, only ‘I’ as in ‘I AM’.”

“In the beginning, My love created all things, and all my creation was in union. They were one in me, the I AM. The letter ‘I’ was chosen to represent this union. It represented wholeness, peace and harmony, sustained by My love. But, then there came a time when the enemy of love came into being and began to act against this union. He works through your fear and pride, your sense of insecurity and inferiority, to cause pain and strife. And through his evil tools of dissension, My union is continually torn, split apart, destroyed. This pattern has repeated itself throughout your history. Do you not see it?”

“The first occurrence of this pattern took place in heaven before your time. Lucifer, the greatest of My creation, giving in to his pride and vanity, pulled away from Me a third of my angels. He has since been working to tear asunder every union I create.”

“Yet, often when a rift begins, there are those who stand against it for My sake, and hurt with me at the sight of it. They are My tenderhearted ones, My humble anchors who offer words of loving encouragement, words of life and healing. They will even beg while standing in a pool of their own tears. This they do for Me. This they do for love. As the ‘I’ begins to separate, they are the ones who work to hold it together, keeping in their heart the eternal hope of restoration. They are the ones at the bottom of the ‘I’ that has sadly now become a ‘Y’.”

God then asked, “Do you know what ‘Y’ stand for?” “No, Father”, replied Man. With a tear in His eye, God answered, “It stands for ‘What happened to the I?'”


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  1. David says:

    Awesome Randy….

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