HE BE — An Autistic Poem

God is infinite. Do you think He isn’t used to that? He has been infinite infinitely. It’s simply how HE BE. “Who are You?” we ask. He humbly tells us the truth. “I AM.” And, once He opens our eyes to see, we can only ever respond, “HE BE.”

God is infinite. Just try and count Him. Do you think He would then create something, anything which He could not control? In His naturally infinite wisdom, He created us, a “whole”. He is infinite, but we are singly, solely, only, wholly… one. I am aware of myself. I think, therefore, I am. But, I am also aware that I am… only. In my separation behind this veil, I am an only, an only, lonely, wholly one. I am alone.

I know beyond a doubt that He is always with me, before me, beside me, behind me, inside me, closer than the air I breathe, yet I cannot perceive. I don’t see Him, smell Him, taste Him, touch Him. I’ve yet to meet Him face to face. Yet, He speaks to me somehow in ways that fight description, seldom in words, seldom in pictures. He shows me concepts instantly, gently in a flash. He leads me by the heart, yet I’ve no proof to offer, even to myself. Belief and faith in Almighty Him, for me it is not senseless, it’s sense-less. And so, in faith, I hunger behind the veil.

Though we’ve come to know our God as three, it is infinite HE BE.

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