Hated Whisperers

Here is something Jesus showed me last night. I’ve never quite thought of it this way before…

Fear is a reaction to a possible negative future outcome; it’s a reaction not to what already “is” but to what “could be”. But only God can see what is to come; only He can decide what is to be. So then, is He the One who whispers about the scary thing to come and then just leaves us alone to feel our feelings about it? No! God is not indifferent. He’s compassionate and comforts His children with gentle promises in the face of a scary future which by His own word is guaranteed. If we trust in His perfect love and sole authority over all things, including future events and our possible suffering, then fear can’t touch us.

Fear is not of Him because He is Holy and lying is a sin, and by that I mean, “fear always lies”. Even if spirits of fear do happen to whisper about future pain that does come true, they didn’t know it would, and yet they want you to believe they did as if they are God, and that is where they are always lying. Do you see? We should never believe any sudden thoughts of the future unless they come from God, Himself. Any other spirit claiming to know the future is lying, even if that future comes to pass, because they are claiming to be equal to God.

Even if a thousand-foot-high wall of water is just seconds away from crashing over us, and our own understanding is telling us we are about to die, God can deliver us to safety at the very last second, showing us that our own understanding lied to us as well. (Our own understanding is not God either and should not be relied on as such.) Believing our fears is acceptance of divination, and is acceptance of other spirits as equal with God. In that sense, it is adultery. Only God has final say over all things. When we rely solely on Him and not on voices of fear or our own understanding, then we honor Him as our God.

Ever notice how babies laugh rather than cry when tossed into the air by their daddies. They know no fear because they have yet to be hurt. Satan is allowed to administer pain and then his spirits of fear are allowed to whisper promises of more future pain in an attempt to get us to transfer our faith (belief) away from God and onto them. We trade our God for them. Isn’t that disgusting? They lie! They are NOT God. Don’t allow them to set themselves up as such.

Fear is like a man who walks up to you, points a gun to your head and says, “I am going to kill you!” Can you in peace and calm reply, “You can do nothing but that God allow it, and I bow to His will alone.”? We need not be afraid of what God might allow, for He is master even over the pain of death, and He loves us to the end of the universe and back.

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