Minced Oaths

On pages 180 to 184 of the free ebook, Ready For Rapture, By Susan Davis, I found three messages from Jesus. The first was given through Donna McDonald at a conference in August, 2014, and the other two were given in response to questions about the first.

In rather strong language, God is telling everyone to stop using His name in “expletives” which means “swear words that do not add to the meaning of a sentence”. He refers to this as “pollution of the mouth” and makes it very clear that such speech is unholy, mocking, disrespectful, ugly and sinful to Him, and that paying for movies, music or reading-material that contain such expletives is paying to have Him mocked. That is, after all, Satan’s purpose for lulling us into using such expletives, isn’t it? He just loves manipulating us, God’s own children, into doing his mocking for him. Doesn’t that just make you furious!

Below, I divided these expletives into three categories. The first two, most of us should already recognize, but the last category just might surprise you.

1. God has already told us not to engage in obscene, dirty, filthy, vulgar, coarse, crude, unwholesome speech. (Ephesians 5:4, Ephesians 4:29) Of course this entails more than just expletives. It involves curses, low humor, name calling and more.

2. Among the Ten Commandments given to us through Moses, number three tells us to honor God’s name by not misusing it. Most of us know this as not “taking His name in vain” which means “to use His name without [expectation of] success or results”. (Exodus 20:7, Deuteronomy 5:11)

3. It may surprise you to hear that God is also asking that we not use “minced oaths” which are a form of side-step swearing using euphemisms. These include gosh, golly, egad, good grief, good gravy, good golly Miss Molly, oh my gosh, oh my goodness, sheesh, gee, geez, gee wiz, jeez, jeepers, jeepers creepers, Jiminy Christmas, darn, dang, dog gone it, goll blam it, shucks, shoot, holy ____ (any word), freaken, what the hay, what the heck, what the dickens, etc. It’s not hard to see what these minced words really mean, right?

God knows every use of His name and desires that we revere it. When we say, “God bless you,” it is He who brings the blessing, but He does not want us using His name as a precursor to our curses (to damn anyone). And, when we use His name to address Him, He seriously listens to us, but when we use His name as an expletive, such as out of shock or frustration, we aren’t addressing Him at all, are we? Such expletives are spoken in vain, without any expectation of success or results.

Even countless atheists routinely use His name in this manner, or they use minced oaths that mean the same thing. Isn’t it obvious to see how Satan has so many of us habitually trained? (God has given His word that this sin will bring dire consequences, and He always keeps His every word. Please don’t take this lightly.)

Didn’t Superman’s alter ego, Clark Kent, cultivate his innocent, farm-boy persona through the seemingly innocuous use of minced-oath expletives? (“Gee, Lois… Golly, Mr. White…”) It’s not a stretch to consider that Satan used this fictitious, apple pie all-American, seemingly super-moral, superhero to bring minced oaths further into the mainstream knowing EXACTLY how God would feel about it.

In Hebrew, God is known by many names all of which contain the root, “El”, which is the word for God, meaning might, strength and power. (Immanuel, Elohim, El-shaddai, El-echad, El-ha-ne’eman, El-emet, El-tsaddik, El-elyon, El-olam, El-yeshurun, El-gibbor, El-de’ot, El-haggadol, El-hakkadosh, El-hashamayim, El-chaiyai, El-channun, El-Yisrael, El-sali, El-rachum, El-rachum, El-yeshuati, El-yeshuatenu, El-kanno, El-hannora)

Can you see how it’s no coincidence that superman’s name is Kal-El, his father’s name is Jor-El and his cousin’s name is Kara Zor-El, all from the house of “El”. It seems Satan can’t resist any opportunity to mock God, mock His name or attempt to replace Him with yet one more false god or idol.

Let us all allow our eyes to be opened as to how God’s enemy is manipulating us to sin, not only against each other, but against our one-and-only, true Father, the Head of the true House of El. Please let us all honor our Heavenly Papa by refraining from swearing, from using crass humor, from taking any name of the Lord in vain through expletives, and now also, from using any minced oaths.

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