Removing the Veil

What follows is a recent word from Jesus, originally posted at the link below, which He has asked His people to share.

“My children, write My words for those with ears to hear. Many will listen to these words, but few will hear them. My daughter, study My word and hear what it says. Listen to My messengers and allow Me to show you the pieces of the puzzle. Many anointed servants are having the pieces of the puzzle revealed to them. When My bride begins to put these pieces together, she will begin to see a beautiful picture of her purpose in the here-and-now, for, yes, she will see that she will be lifted above the chaos. Some of the chaos has already begun, and My bride has been kept safe in the chamber of My heart.

There is a common theme in the prophecies that I have shared among My messengers. Things will fall like dominoes, one right after the other. These plagues, or as many might refer to as disasters or catastrophic events, will be occurring now in quicker and quicker succession. I have shared with this scribe many times that the destruction in your physical realm will begin on your coastlands and be coming from every angle, culminating in the center of your once great nation. Be aware of the great shaking and catastrophic events that are occurring around the world now, My children. The number of earthquakes in diverse places will continue to increase in size and magnitude. You will see and hear of meteorites and other things, some unexplainable, coming into view of the naked eye.

The reprieves between these events will be brief, My love, as the birthing event grows nearer, for I will birth My own, as they will be birthed into their new and incorruptible bodies. These will be hidden for a short time, but then they will be released as My harvest workers to gather in My remnant.

Satan’s army is vast, just as I explained to My scribe recently. The last Gentile has come in. Satan has received his last warring demon and this is his time to bring his war against My creation. This war has been raging in the heavens forever, but now comes time for this war to manifest in your earthly realm. My bride, you will not be left unprepared and though you operate in flesh bodies now, you will be instantly and supernaturally changed that you may be prepared to do battle against the serpent of darkness and his minions of evil.

It is not too late to turn an ear to Me now, My creation. It is not too late to open your heart and enter through the only narrow gate. Receive your salvation and receive My righteousness and you will be saved from much of what is to come. This is My appointed time. I will be calling up My undefeatable army, and these will no longer be subject to the darkness of sin that has covered your earth since man’s fall in the Garden. Just as I asked My disciples to stay awake in prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, I ask now all who have received Me, share My request with all that will hear. Remain awake and in prayer.

The veil that has kept My own from experiencing My light to its spiritual fullest will be torn, just as the veil had been rent when I gave up My Spirit upon the cross, for the veil that tore upon My death on the cross was a physical veil. The veil that will soon tear is a spiritual one.

Just as the physical veil was torn from the top to the bottom, this spiritual veil will be torn from the top to the bottom from My heavenlies down to your earth. Just as the veil represented the separation from the Most High between My Father and His creation on a physical level, the tearing of the spiritual veil represents the same on a spiritual level. Just as My Father’s Presence occupied the Ark in the Holy of Holies, the Holy Spirit occupies the hearts of My chosen in the earth, allowing for us to be one in your physical realm, for I have become the High Priest that you may come boldly to the throne of My Father.

The tearing of this spiritual veil marks a new beginning. A birth of My own from the physical into the spiritual; from flesh bodies into incorruptible bodies; a reconciliation of My creation to Myself not only in the spiritual to physical but now a true reconciliation where we will become one; your physical bodies will be cast aside and reborn into My glorified bounty. For, now is the time that My chosen will no longer be subject to this physical realm; no longer be subject to the limitations of physical bodies; and no longer subject to the curse, for the curse can only come over the cursed. The curse can only prevail in the physical.

When My own are changed, there remains no curse, and it has zero power against My own, for My connection with My creation has now been a spiritual to physical connection. We will now become connected as we were before the curse; a complete spiritual oneness. There will be no greater day.

Turn to Me now, My creation. Open your heart to your Creator. Delve into My word and I will show you My truth. Man can not teach what only My Holy Spirit can show you. Come from wherever you are, because nothing stands between us. I love you, My creation. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach”

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