Passing the Test

Of all film genres, science fiction is my hands-down favorite, especially Star Trek. I can remember as a little boy sitting beside my dad on the couch, both of us with a glass of cold milk in one hand and toasty pretzel sticks in the other, watching our Star Fleet friends boldly go.

For me, science fiction’s appeal is in its ability to temporarily transport me out of the misery of this fallen-flesh life and into a place of pure imagination. The universe is a very vast and real place, ever before us in the night sky, and science fiction is my primo vehicle to quite literally endless worlds of possibility.

But while a source of wondrous adventure, this genre is yet one more medium through which the enemy of mankind manipulates, and we humans are notoriously poor at discerning appropriate teachers.

For example, through this fictitious genre, the devil would have everyone believe that, from the ever advancing sciences and technologies of man, “all things are possible”. Interesting. Isn’t that just what God said about Himself? (Matthew 19:26)

Near the end of the 2018 Sci-Fi film, At First Light, the beings of light, who had at last officially arrived, stated, “We’re here. It’ll get better now.” Please, do not even dare to believe that one for a second!

Can you not see how we are being ever so subtly primed? On and on it goes, barely noticeable, a tiny bit here, a tiny bit there in practically every movie.

Through all modern forms of entertainment, satan has been patiently and determinedly plying this kind of subtle witchcraft from the start, gradually indoctrinating the masses, nudging carefully timed new concepts into the mainstream (Darwinism, aliens, genetic planet seeding, etc., etc.), softening us to more easily accept his soon coming greatest deception, a deception fit for the modern, high-tech man, and many there are who have now been made ripe to fall for it.

Yes, in ancient times, satan did successfully deceive the multitudes by simply stirring up a great cloud of false deities to obscure the way to our one true Creator. But now, in his last, greatest assault, he has skillfully engineered a new god; the modern, seemingly big and powerful god of science and technology which boldly proclaims that all ancient gods of primitive man are merely superstition, including Jesus and His Father, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. Hmm… Were we not already warned that the world would turn away from Jesus in the end? (1 John 4:3, Matthew 24:10) What better way than to ever-so-slowly kill off God altogether.

Now is the time to remain awake and watchful that you are not lulled into this anti-Jesus trap. Remember what happened when God’s own people turned from Him and placed their faith instead in the might of Egypt? (Isaiah 31:1) Learn well this lesson from history so that when the time comes, you will not seek salvation from fallen angels of light posing as technologically advanced extraterrestrial beings promising a new golden age for the inhabitants of Earth. Do not choose technology as your savior with its pseudo promises of an immortal life in the flesh lived in an artificial approximation of Heaven.

Rather, keep your faith firmly planted in Jesus, the Son of Almighty God, in whom all power over Heaven and Earth has been given (Matthew 28:18). Seek none but Him for help while you wait patiently for the completion of this, our darkest test of faith. Above all, remember, in no way, shape or form (genetically or otherwise) should you ever allow the body that your Creator made for you to be altered, enhanced, modified, marked or implanted. For, such would be a clear sign, in no uncertain terms, that you have turned away from God and placed your faith instead in the might of the false god of science and technology.

God has said that without faith we cannot please Him (Hebrews 11:6). This final, soon coming, last great test of faith is a whopping doozy, and it is pass or fail forever this time (Revelation 14:11). Please, beloved, love God with all you’ve got by steeling yourself to pass this test!

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2 Responses to Passing the Test

  1. ourhopeisgod says:

    A most excellent post, brother. I’ve been studying these beings for quite some time, and it seems the deception will be worse than we think. “They” are going to prove that they are our ancestors as well as future selves. And the hybrids here will have the DNA to prove it. That’s a scary thought, eh? Much like Thor and Stargate if you ever watched that series.

    Also you are probably aware that Gene R. spoke with the Fallen and got ideas for his stories. That really disheartened me when I found out. But like you, the idea of space travel is captivating. And while we know in Heaven we will instantly be able to go to the Crab Nebula for example, I think I’d rather go in a starship and take in the sites from 10 Forward. 😀

  2. 51cats says:

    Ew. No, I had not heard that about Gene Roddenberry. Creepy thought.

    For a long time now, it has been obvious to me that Star Trek is being used as an important, necessary step toward the great deception, because it strongly encourages us to believe that the development of technology is inevitable in the evolution of nearly all sentient life in a Godless, fallen universe where death exists and immortality is the greatest prize.

    I have often wondered though… Did, in fact, the whole universe fall when Adam and Eve ate the fruit? If just the Earth fell, then, mankind would be the only ones to have developed technology in place of the Holy Spirit. But, what if the whole, infinite universe fell too at that time nearly 6000 years ago? Are we not God’s proclaimed “greatest creation” who, as it just so happens, also had the advantage of being taught forbidden knowledge by the fallen angels? So then, were the fallen also allowed to go and attempt to teach God’s other lesser, sentient creations on other, fallen worlds? Would God even allow His other, fallen worlds to develop technology sufficient to reach each other and interact? I personally see the enormously vast distances which God deliberately placed between His Goldilocks planets as an emphatic “no”.

    And besides, at the end of the great tribulation, when Jesus returns and begins His 1000-year reign, either then or at end of those 1000 years (I’m not sure which) all of fallen creation will be restored anyway, and technology will no longer have a place anywhere in God’s infinite universe.

    Because satan only has a very small window of time left to attempt his deception before Jesus returns, that would make aliens showing up now seem rather obvious and contrived, that is, if only there wasn’t the convenient excuse of a timely celestial cataclysm.

    FALLEN ANGEL 1: “Hello earthling! We are technologically advanced space men.”

    FALLEN ANGEL 2: “See? We have a spaceship and everything!”

    FALLEN ANGEL 1: “We came to your world eons ago and added our genetic ingredients to Earth’s primordial oven.”

    FALLEN ANGEL 2: “We are your fathers, Luke!”

    FALLEN ANGEL 1: “We have been waiting close by all along until you have matured enough to handle the truth, and although it seems you still haven’t quite finished baking yet, the celestial cataclysms which are upon you now have forced us to reveal ourselves early.”

    FALLEN ANGEL 2: “We’ve come to rescue you! Isn’t that exciting!”

    CHRISTIAN: “So, even though God has already informed us in advance about you and all that is happening right now, you still expect us to believe that there is no God and that the timing of your arrival is mere coincidence?”

    FALLEN ANGEL 2: “Yep!”

    My God-instilled curiosity and desire for wonder and adventure aside, I really do love Star Trek for that feeling of family, friendship, deep loyalty and trust between the main characters. To me, they feel like dear, personal friends. I believe it is that very goodness, found not only in Star Trek but many film and TV series including Harry Potter, that satan uses to lure us into his subtle witchcraft arena. If only we were not so vulnerable and easily influenced by what we take in through our eyes and ears.

    …and I also agree with you. Traveling around in a starship would be a blast!

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