So Many Aspects

Our Father assures us that it both serves a good purpose, and that the reason for it will one day be revealed. Yet even so, the one aspect of this fallen creation that still ranks number one on my hate-list is suffering, both physical and emotional. I don’t mean just my suffering but all suffering, especially the suffering of the innocent and helpless including animals. I’m sure I speak for many. Nothing breaks my heart and twists my guts faster than witnessing intense suffering, which is why I feel so uneasy about witnessing any of the judgments of Psalm 91.

So, considering how much I hate suffering, it makes perfect sense then that, for me, my most beloved aspect of our Lord and Savior is His mercy. The most intense, tear-filled, heartfelt worship to ever pour out of me has come time-and-again from gazing upon His beautiful, humble, mercy-filled heart. And yes, I am one of those folks who gets all choked up in whispered thanks whenever I witness genuine, selfless acts of merciful kindness, for I know very well exactly from Whom that mercy came. Deep inside the private dictionary of my heart, the connotation of the phrase, “to minister”, has always included the delivery of a huge portion of mercy.

There is another aspect of Jesus that so often leaves me in silent awe. And though I don’t hear it talked about all that much, being who I am (or perhaps I should say, “being who He made me”) I am realizing more and more how very important this aspect of Him is to me. In fact, it calls to me. The aspect to which I am referring is Jesus’ desire to share. And by “share” I mean His huge desire to share absolutely everything, including what it’s like to be Him. Think about it.

Because we are like clay vessels, specially designed to hold the water of His Spirit, this means that wherever we go, He is there with us, and so whatever He can do alone, we can also do together. How is this NOT Him intimately sharing the very experience of being Him? No wonder in Psalm 82 and John 10:34 He, Himself, referred to us as “gods”. Do we not see how truly intimate His invitation is? Honey, we were made for this!

Even now, we are functioning as designed though not yet at full capacity, for it is, in fact, our patient, merciful, kind Savior who offers up through us His patience, mercy and kindness, otherwise we, ourselves, would have none at all to offer. And one day, when He will at long last indwell us in full measure, that is when deep will finally meet Deep. I can almost feel His excitement about it.

Another aspect of Himself which He showed me He also desires to share with us is His uniqueness.

(Isaiah 46:9) I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is no one like Me.

Did not our Potter teach us that we are each uniquely molded by the very circumstances of our journey both on His wheel and in His furnace with no two pots alike, more unique than we can know? How blessed are we that the one-and-only Creator of all just happens to be a never-ending, intense, burning flame of Love who desires to mold each and every one of His children into a rare and precious one-and-only gem like Him?

And yet, in this life, I do find that there is also a certain loneliness inherent in being a one-and-only. I feel it within myself all the time, and it runs deep, causing perpetual dissatisfaction with shallowness. I long to know deeply and to share the depths of who I am. (Looks like God is sharing with me even His desire to share and be known.) I also feel this same loneliness coming from Him when I hear Him speak Isaiah 46:9 above. His loneliness tugs at my heart. Can you hear it? It is Deep calling unto deep. Can you see how by sharing all that He is, He will at last be deeply known? And for just such deep intimacy has He waited a very long time.

When you seek for yourself to know Jesus intimately, you will begin to see for yourself how His sharing list goes on and on. This is a big desire of His heart. Does He not share His creativity by the giving of gifts? He carried His cross. Does He not also ask us to carry ours as well? He will one day rule and reign. Is He not going to share that responsibility too? He shares with His children even the experience of raising children. Our humble Savior even willingly shared the experience of death, itself, though He had sinned not.

And for several thousand years now, He has been patiently sharing with us a deep knowledge of good and evil through the rich experience of living in a fallen creation, subject both to His enemy and to death and …suffering. Yep. There it is. Oh well. It’s still top of my hate-list.

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