Be Serious About Reaching the Lost

Below is a word from Jesus given through The Pike Lake Transcripts. He wants everyone to spread the message that He, the Son of God, dearly loves all those who are His, and He asks you to simply believe in who He is and to surrender your life entirely into His loving hands, and He WILL save you. But, if you choose to reject Him all the way to your end, then He will have no choice but to let you go, for He does not force anyone to love Him.

Here is the word:

“Stubborn people don’t see and don’t hear. They do not see the signs or hear the warning cries of the prophets. My prophets spread the word. They do what I ask of them, but what good is it if no one listens.

Time passes and things seem good, quiet and peaceful. This will not last. This is to lull you into a rest. Lull you into a peaceful feeling where you are relaxed and unsuspecting. Satan is the king of liars, the king of deceit. Things have been set to occur since the beginning. As these things unfold, people will cry out for Me, and I will not answer them.

Tragedy will strike you soon, daughter of Babylon (America). You have stood too long disgracing My name. You will find yourself alone with help from almost no one. The evil see what is coming, yet my children do not, blinders put on them by satan. Bring to me your repentant hearts. Open your hearts and minds to the words and warnings of My prophets. It is time. Be ready for your life and nation to change. Your help to other nations will not be repaid to you. They will do nothing to help the people of your nation, since there will be no value to your money. Your civil servants will walk away and fend for themselves.

Christians must stick together and help one another. You will be provided for and taken care of. Until this day, reach out to those around you and spread the gospel message. Do not be fooled by this lull in activities of Satan. He has his plan also. He knows the weakness of heart of so many and how easily they will fall to him. He is a great imitation of good to achieve his goals, but no one knows the evil that will befall them once they give themselves to the deceiver.

Be serious now about reaching the lost. Do not just sit back and let time pass you by, because there is so little time left to act. Continue to warn all that you see that time is short, and they need to prepare their hearts to meat the Son of man.

When the hearts of the gentile are made pure, the bride will be swept away. She will see some chaos first but nothing like what will be after the bride is taken. Hold fast to My word. Fear is not of me. You are responsible for the preparedness of your hearts, no one else but you. Open My word, and remain in Me. When the flames surround you, you will be at peace. When the earth shakes underfoot, you will be at peace. When your ocean covers your coastlands, you will be at peace. When the sky turns black, you will be at peace. When violence surrounds you, you will be at peace. When you suffer and hunger, you will be at peace. When you cannot quench your thirst, you will be at peace. Lift your face to me in your fear, and it will lose its power over you.”

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