What’s Really Going On

Satan assigns a low-ranking demon to whisper clever words into the mind of your friend, and immediately upon accepting them, your friend lobs those hurtful words at your heart. Ouch! That very same demon then quickly loads carefully-tailored ammunition-words into your mind. So, what do you do with them?

Do you launch them at your friend in retaliation? I bet you do. I bet you speak them without any hesitation at all, automatically assuming that they are your own sharp and clever reply coming from your own quick mind.

But they aren’t your own words at all. They are a bullet that comes straight from hell, customized and special ordered. And the instant it launches from your tongue, the war is on, and that very same demon is right back at your friend’s ear preparing another volley.

Haven’t you ever wondered why we so often struggle to quickly form those beautiful, uplifting words from the heart, yet even when we are feeling tired and run down, those clever, biting, hurtful words seem to rapid-fire so quick-and-easy off our tongue?

When will we finally realize what’s really going on here? What will it take to wake us up to the fact that most all arguments of dissension and strife are cleverly orchestrated by demonic spirits expertly playing us against each other, spirits who have been honing their assigned specialty for millennia. Mankind is not smarter or quicker than the devil.

Jesus asks that we take captive our every thought and make it obedient to Him. (2 Corinthians 10:5) If only we would do just that. If only we would form the disciplined habit of examining our thoughts before acting on them, and then kick out with extreme prejudice every last one that does not bear the sweet flavor of the fruits of the Spirit of our meek and lowly Savior (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control).

When Jesus commands them, the demons must obey. And, though they have legal right to cozy on up and whisper temptations into our fallen-flesh minds, we can resist them, and they must flee. (James 4:7)

(278pikelk 2012.12.04) Jesus: “All of Satan’s words are lies, you don’t need to know his words. His lies just pop into your mind. This you can’t prevent, but what you can do is not believe them, and do not speak them out loud.

Spirits are sent to deliver expert lies to everyone, either directly or through a willing tongue or pen, but more often it’s in some superb combination. These lies are specifically designed to target our most sensitive areas; our insecurity or sense of inferiority, or through the deep pain we feel from suffered loss, loneliness, rejection, abandonment or betrayal. Not one of God’s children has lived unmanipulated in this way. We are all lied to by the devil throughout this life, and every one of us has fallen for it.

So, now you know your place on the battlefield. For true spiritual warriors know who it is they are really battling. (Ephesians 6:12)

Perhaps the quickest way to know you have been conned into believing yet one more of satan’s lies is when you suddenly flash with anger…

(Dream 526) Jesus: “When Heaven becomes visible on Earth, the enemy will be terrified. In order to cover his evil tracks, he will then proclaim that God could have done these great things a long time ago and that He has been withholding good things from those who suffer. In anger, many will believe this.”

…and the quickest way to not be conned by this particular lie when it comes is to know well who God truly is. Those who know Him know beyond any doubt that He is not cold, callous or indifferent. He is Love, Himself, and all that He allows will ultimately serve a big and beautiful purpose. You’ll see.

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