51 Cats Journal (Part 1, Page 3)

May 16, 2010

Today, Sheba gave birth to three boys. We named them Mikey, Jesse and Banjo.

Photo of Sheba and her three boysThat’s right! The drama continues. It looks like we must further suffer the consequences of not having had the colony boys neutered in time. I feel even worse now than I did before. Counting back, we found that Sheba was impregnated on or before March 17th, right around the time all the boys were fixed.

After she finished nursing her first litter, Sheba gained a little weight which helped to conceal her second pregnancy. We didn’t confirm she was pregnant until a few days ago.

Mikey (Big Mike)

Photo of Mikey Photo of Mikey Photo of Mikey Photo of Mikey

Mickey is a little tough guy with an independent streak. Like Clarabelle, he enjoys attention, but only on his terms. He is also a bit of a whiner.


Photo of Jesse Photo of Jesse Photo of Jesse Photo of Jesse

Jesse is a darker colored version of his brother Mikey, and he’s just as rough-and-tumbly. Both he and Mikey enjoy launching themselves at our legs and sticking to us like velcro. When my wife wears a dress, they like to swing from the bottom of it. We do try to discourage this behavior.

Banjo (Panda Boy, Banjo Panda)

Photo of Banjo Photo of Banjo Photo of Banjo Photo of Banjo

Banjo is a lot of fun. He is the life of the party. When he’s happy, his little tail bends all the way up until the tip touches the back of his head. He loves the challenge of getting past us whenever we open a door. Then he just stops and waits for us to fetch him. He’s a cute little smiley-faced panda boy.

Aunts and Uncles

Photo of Carmella and Aunt Buttons Lilly Bella Asleep After A Bath From Uncle Dodger Photo of Peaches and Uncle Squeaks

The colony aunts and uncles just love their new little nieces and nephews. They like to play with them, cuddle with them and groom them. Uncle Squeaks, Mouse, Dodger and Ditto especially like to grab them, hold them down and force them to have a bath. Lizzy’s girls will pretend to object at first, but soon they become so relaxed, they fall asleep. Sheba’s boys don’t mind being played with some, but I’ve never seen them tolerate a bath.

Photo of CarmellaFor these seven new kittens, I shall always regret the circumstances of their arrival; I really wish I had done better. But I can’t regret their existence, nor can I regret having them in my life. God has His purpose for them too, and they are such a joy.

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