51 Cats Journal (Part 2, Page 3)

July 12, 2010

I just discovered what Web 2.0 means. I’d heard the term once or twice before but assumed it applied to some formal software specification. — How embarrassing! I guess I’m just an old Web 1.0 guy.

I now know about RSS. Twitter and WordPress.com are already setup for it, so anyone who wants to can subscribe to 51 Cats’ tweets and blogs. I love it!

I just learned about online social bookmarking services and buttons. I had no idea this stuff existed. Most web pages are too busy for me, as are most restaurant menus. Because I struggle to find and focus on the content, I tend to mentally tune-out all the non-content bits and visual clutter, including those little sharing buttons. Now I’m starting to notice them, as well as RSS buttons and FaceBook “Like” buttons. They’re everywhere!

July 13, 2010

I just discovered Gravatars and free image hosting services. I already knew that you could put photos online to share with friends and family, but I didn’t know there were services that let you link to those images from your blog. This is good news for our story which contains over 200 photos.

Well, I just read that WordPress.com gives me plenty of space for our 51 Cats photos and other documents (3 GB), so I won’t even bother using any free image hosting services. I’m starting to really like WordPress.com.

July 14, 2010

Today, I learned about MMS messages. Did you know that you can send SMS and MMS messages to a cell phone right from your email account? My niece just taught me about this. I think it’s pretty cool. It has nothing to do with getting our 51 Cats story online, but I thought I would share it anyway.

July 19, 2010

I’m tired. I know that I’m staying up way too late researching and studying, but I’ve got so much to learn and my time is limited. I’m feeling anxious to get online and start collaborating on this sanctuary project. I suppose I should slow down — get more sleep. I wish we were finishing this project now instead of just starting it.

July 20, 2010

Today I had an epiphany. Web 2.0 is actually the Internet sea upon which we are casting our note-in-a-bottle (the 51 Cats story). That’s just how it is now. I keep reading that, with more than 300 million users, Facebook has become essential for networking success; It’s the place to be; It’s the must-have social networking tool, and so on. Twitter has become the SMS of the Internet. It’s like tapping into a massive communications grapevine. Free blogging sites and image hosting services are taking the place of static personal-websites, and they, as well as social networking sites like Facebook, are now the preferred way people share their daily lives. Web 2.0 is the dynamic people-driven current upon which life flows over the net.

Had GOD allowed me to put our story on any of those first three free-websites, I would have likely stopped there and just waited for people to find my story through search engines and send emails about it to their friends — you know, the web 1.0 way. But that’s really not how things work any more. Now I feel grateful that I struck-out those three times. GOD did say that all things work together for the good of those who love Him.

I’m still very tired, but I’m finally beginning to feel excited too.

July 28, 2010

We are now neck-deep fighting an aggressive upper respiratory virus that is spreading among our cats. It may be a while before I can get back to work.

The other day, I actually wondered if the devil was going to do something to steal away what little good feelings I had and prevent me from working on getting 51 Cats online. Maybe I shouldn’t think those kind of thoughts, but they just come to me. What can I do?

August 25, 2010

With the virus now behind us, I’ve just spent the past two days putting our story on our WordPress.com blog site. It’s finally online and it looks good. I am very impressed with WordPress.com. They have a detailed help system and excellent development tools. I couldn’t be happier.

I still have to decide what to do about an Internet forum for our sanctuary project. WordPress allows a web page to have threaded comments which I believe makes it similar to an Internet forum topic. Perhaps I should just create a series of WordPress web pages and keep everything all in one place for now. — Or should I use a Facebook Discussion Board? But some people might not have a Facebook account. Maybe I should have both. I can’t decide.

I’ve also been thinking. As people from all over choose to become friends of 51 Cats and begin to freely offer us knowledge, information, advice, ideas and even custom design plans and experiment results, perhaps some kind of open license needs to be written under which all documents and photos are collected.

This sanctuary is a large project that will require the talents of many people to design, and so the template for its design shouldn’t be just for us. I believe that making this template available to everyone honors those who are going to freely give of their time to help us create it. Therefore, it is my sincerest hope and intention to keep everything about this sanctuary project open and accessible to any who might wish to follow in our footsteps.

I hope we make some legal friends who can advise us about this right away and help us write a license if necessary. — Know anyone?

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