Project Coordinators

Some people really enjoy the highly detailed work of their chosen technical profession, but have no interest in performing supervisory tasks. I grant you that coordinating a complex project is not for everyone. For those who are willing to take on this mantel, perhaps they should first question their own motives and abilities.

  • No one should lead out of a need to feel self-important. True leaders do not accept positions of leadership to meet their own needs, but to help meet the needs of others.
  • A coordinator should be just as skilled and experienced as those being coordinated. Far too often, supervisors are appointed who have little understanding of the work they are supervising. This can lead to subpar results.
  • A coordinator should be someone with a strong ability to see the over-all picture and who enjoys juggling all the variable at once to achieve an optimum outcome.

I would recommend that project coordinators be assigned at the topic and subtopic levels. However, this may not be necessary for certain areas. Some sections may also benefit from a coordinator, but at the moment it is not obvious to me which if any. Perhaps there should also be a group or board of coordinators overseeing this entire project.

There may be times when a topic will split into multiple parallel topics, each exploring a separate, viable option, such as designing the facility’s external structure out of adobe, out of rammed earth and from within a sandstone excavation simultaneously. When this happens, I’m thinking these parallel topics should be treated as subtopics each with their own coordinator and all under one topic coordinator. What do you think?

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