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NOTE: This is a rough draft I wrote for the introduction tab of the 51 Cats Facebook Public Profile Page. This would be the first tab that people see who visit the page. I could use some advice or feedback on this — if the decision is made to move forward that is.

The 51 Cats Sanctuary Project

Have you ever heard an animal rescue group shout out a call-for-help, and in your heart you longed to answer, but felt you lacked the resources? I know I have, many times.

Well, now you have a rare opportunity to reach out and do some good, right from the comfort of your own computer chair, and it doesn’t cost a thing. Come take part in a one-of-a-kind, online, social-networking project, and leave your mark on the lives of unwanted homeless cats now and for generations to come. Join us all and count yourself among the Friends-of-51.

“When God grants to us a united voice, there will be a thunderous roar! When He empowers our arms and legs, we will move the word! — Anonymous”

51 Cats is spearheading a unique social-networking project, looking to YOU-THE-PEOPLE to combine the best of your freely-offered knowledge and skills, to design an amazing, low-cost, Green, cat sanctuary.

Help out whenever you like. Offer guidance. Offer advice. Offer experience, wisdom and know-how. Or simply use your connections to reach out and spread the word. There are many ways to help. So get on board, and make a difference in whatever way feels right to you.

The primary goal of this open social-project is to develop a flexible design-template for a passive-solar, zero-energy, off-grid cat sanctuary, where emphasis is placed on natural-building methods and the utilization of volunteer time-and-labor over that of money. Even the custom built, cat-tracking equipment will be designed primarily out of gleaned materials. Sound interesting?

51 Cats is looking for knowledgeable, skilled individuals from among you, the general public, to freely share your expertise in a wide variety of areas, and help us create a nearly self-sustainable design to meet the needs of the twenty-first century.

Throughout the course of this open project, all the design work and knowledge gained will be freely shared with the world. It is our sincerest hope that this project’s prototype cat-sanctuary will pave the way for many more to come, and give a giant boost to the No More Homeless Pets movement currently underway in America.

Then — When a local rescue group suddenly finds itself overwhelmed with cats, these sanctuaries can help temporarily house the overflow or redistribute them safely through a network of sister sanctuaries.

Your participation is key. YOU can help make this happen. Here’s just some of the ways you can help:

* Using Your Connections

Even if after reading this you feel you’ve nothing to offer, perhaps you know of others who do. So reach out and spread the word. Ask everyone you know to participate. This is a social-networking project after all. Besides, as things progress, we may discover a need that’s right up your alley! So, check back with us often. Who knows, we will be asking questions to which YOU just might know the answer.

* Advice & Suggestions

If you believe something vital has been overlooked, or have advice or suggestions, then by all means, let us know. And if you can think of other ways to help this project along, share that too.

* Tax-Exempt, Nonprofit, Corporation Formation and Governance

We are looking for pro-bono-publico lawyers, and anyone experienced in the formation and governance of charitable organizations, to help with the creation of a world-class set of free legal/business documents and guides under which this project’s prototype sanctuary, and any future spinoff sanctuaries or sanctuary networks, can be formed and governed.

* Kitty-Cat Knowhow

We are looking for veterinarians, veterinary technicians and feline behaviorists to advise us on the design of the surgical unit, the examination and isolation areas, cat-motel lockers, the automated feeding, watering and litter stations and more, but especially to help us evolve the automated cat-tracking and symptom-identification process.

* Computer and Equipment Networking

If you are a networking specialist or someone with considerable knowledge of various networking architectures, and know how to create simple, inexpensive, network interfaces, then we need your input right away, as all of the custom cat equipment will rely on this chosen network interface and it’s protocols.

* Atypical Engineering

If you are an electrical or mechanical engineer, technician, inventor, tinkerer or devout hobbyist with practical experience designing and building devices out of cannibalized parts gleaned from society’s discards, then this project just might be tailor made for you.

* Software programming

If you are a PHP, MySQL and Objective C programmer with event-based data/audio/video streaming and capture experience, then you might consider this to be a fun project to work on and something to add to your resume.

* Natural Building Methods

If you have experience building structures with adobe, rammed earth or excavating a structure out of sandstone, then please get involved and share your expertise.

* Solar powered systems

We will be considering roof mounted solar cells, mini solar concentrators, stirling engines, absorption chillers, water electrolysis and fuel cells, cool earth-tubes, solar chimneys and more. If you have worked with any of these and have knowledge to share, then come join us won’t you?

NOTE: There is so much more that I could add to this list. As I said, this is just a rough draft.

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