Project Liaisons

This concept might be entirely unnecessary — perhaps even silly. Like I said, I have no project management training. I am including it here for discussion anyway, especially since forming interconnections between systems is important for synergy.

A project liaison is an appointed contact person who’s job it is to keep the other liaisons of interconnected topics updated when changes are made which effect those interconnected topics.

One example where the role of liaison could be helpful is between those designing the computer networking interface/protocols and all the other groups designing the different custom cat-equipment which will be utilizing those networking interface/protocols. — Every time a change is made to the networking interface or to the networking protocols, all the other groups will need to be kept informed.

Every interconnection should have a liaison at either end. A liaison pair should thoroughly understand the details of their interconnected relationship. Each topic’s liaison should maintain a list of all interconnections for that topic and work closely with the project coordinator, keeping the coordinator informed of any outside consequences resulting from internal design changes.

A project coordinator could perform the role of liaison if desired. I suppose that decision should be left to each coordinator.

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