Project Management

NOTE: I do not have any training in project management. Every topic in this section is just off the top of my head. This section would really benefit from those of you with project management skills.

Sanctuary Template:

The sanctuary template is essentially the finished product of this open project. This template will primarily consist of an online set of living documents containing information carefully gathered under an open license and made freely available to the general public. By using these documents any group so inclined should be able to generate well-prepared versions of the necessary corporate formation materials, carefully govern a small single-sanctuary corporation or larger mulit-sanctuary network, construct a climate and geographically appropriate facility, build all the required custom equipment and successfully operate the sanctuary in a green and highly self-seficient manner.

It is also our hope that with these documents, volunteers with no more than a high school education will be able to successfully coordinate the construction of a sanctuary facility or piece of sanctuary equipment without the need for costly consultations and assistance.

If suitable locations can be found near populated areas which are not opposed to alternative construction methods, then perhaps this template could also be used to create a new kind of foster-shelter hybrid. Perhaps discussions about the feasibility of such a hybrid should be part of this open project as well.

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