51 Cats Story (Introduction)


I am a 44-year-old, softhearted, peace-loving, Christian man. I have a caring wife, no children, no home of our own and a stalled career — and yes, we do have 51 indoor cats.

The story which you are about to read is very personal to me. It is a true story about my life and family. I wrote it plainly and openly, revealing many intimate thoughts and feelings of a spiritual nature. Because of the social stigma that comes with having so many cats, I can’t help but feel a little uncomfortable exposing our situation. But I believe that sharing our story is important.

Writing this story has been one long emotional roller coaster ride, reliving past moments of fear, frustration and regret, and of compassion, tenderness and love. Although writing is not my strong suit, I did give it my best shot.


Now, I know how this must seem, “51 indoor cats all living in one house? That’s insane!” But let me assure you; my wife and I are not some crazy cat-collectors who go around saying “here kitty, kitty” to our unsuspecting neighbor’s cat. Nor are we attempting to make any kind of social statement or garner attention by having this many cats. In fact, before the first of these 51 cats came to live with us, it was my desire not to have any.

As you might expect, when you read Part 1 of our story you will be briefly introduced to each of our 51 family members. You will be shown some photos and told a personal thing-or-two about each cat so that, like us, you might see them as more than just a number that is part of some shocking total. Besides, most everyone enjoys an amusing anecdote and adorable kitten pictures, right? But that is not the primary purpose for the telling of this story —

This story is about the many unusual and sometimes miraculous circumstances by which these cats have come to us. It is about how our feelings and spiritual values have influenced our choices and helped to bring us to our current situation. It is the story of our relationship with GOD and how He has been working with us and guiding us. For those who do not know Him, this story might seem like a series of random coincidences. But to those who do, they just might recognize His hand in all of this.

Given the recent housing and economic situation throughout the U.S., It is possible that there are others who are having experiences similar to our’s. For them, this story might serve as a source of encouragement, knowing they are not alone. It may even inspire greater faith and determination. My wish is that GOD will use this story in many wonderful ways, and I hope that through its telling, we might make some very good friends along the way.

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